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Education Articles


Stay (Financially) Safe During the Holidays

One of the many negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is a troublesome disruption in the global supply chain. As the world economy slowly recovers, an unfortunate side effect is that consumer demand is rising, further  stressing the supply chain . Despite the supply chain challenges, the holiday shopping season didn't suffer in 2021. In fact...
Protecting Your Information

Have a Plan Before Flooding, Other Disasters Strike

Early fall is a time to annually promote family and community disaster planning. Every autumn, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stresses the importance of preparing for unexpected disasters and emergencies with National Preparedness Month. In 2022, the theme was “ A Lasting Legacy ," the latest reminder for all Americans to stop an...
Planning Your Future Owning a Home

Estimating Your Retirement Income Needs

Retirement may be decades away, but it's never too early to start planning. Where do you begin? Start by estimating how much income you'll need to fund your retirement. That's not as easy as it sounds, because retirement planning is not an exact science. Your specific needs depend on your goals and many other factors. Use your current income as ...
Planning Your Future

The Ins and Outs of Going Solar

Are your winter and summer energy bills going through the roof? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to solar panels. Solar panels have become increasingly popular since a tax credit was instituted in 2019. Originally scheduled to expire in 2024, the tax credit was extended through 2034 after President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act in 2022. The...
Owning a Home Knowing Your Payment Options

Plan For Retirement, Especially In Your 20s

If you’re in your 20s, retirement may seem too far off to worry about. Besides, you probably have more immediate concerns, like student loans, car loans, and credit card debt. And if you’re in your 30s or 40s, you may be more focused on buying a house and raising children than on retirement planning. But the sooner you get into the habit of savi...
Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits

Tips For Successful ACH Transfers

Keep these things in mind to ensure transactions between your financial institutions are seamless. What do shopping online, sending money to friends through an app, and having your tax refund deposited directly into your bank account have in common? They’re all possible thanks to the Automated Clearing House (ACH)—a computer network that moves...
Knowing Your Payment Options

First-Time Home Buyer? Get to Know Homeowners Insurance

Protect your home (and everything in it) for years to come. Congrats on deciding to buy your first home. It’s an exciting (if perhaps a little intimidating) step. But  your  home with  your  stuff? How cool is that? Like anything you own that carries special meaning (your car, jewelry, musical instruments, etc.), you’ll want to protect your new...
Owning a Home Understanding Insurance

The 8 Things to Do Right After a Car Accident

Maybe another driver ran a red light, maybe you skidded on icy roads, or maybe a storm wanted to see what the maple in your front yard looked like through your windshield. Don’t panic. No matter how minor or severe your auto accident, there’s a step-by-step checklist for what to do next. Ensuring everyone is safe always comes first, then...
Understanding Insurance

After Recent Decline, CDs Rebound

With the highest rates in years, CDs are well worth a look. Not only are SELCO’s certificate rates among the best anywhere, if our rates rise within 30 days, we'll automatically increase yours. Rewind to the early 1980s. The United States was feeling the sting of two full-blown recessions . Inflation rates hovered around 10–13% and interest rate...
Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits

What Does It Mean to Be a SELCO Member?

Everyone deserves to Live a Good Life—and could use someone who’s looking out for them along the way. Whatever “a good life” means to you, we’re committed to helping you get there. SELCO is a place where everyone belongs and where you have a true advocate and partner ready to help you set and reach your financial goals. Simply put, it’s a place...
Choosing a Financial Partner Planning Your Future