Board of Directors

Carol Beckley, Chair

While a lot has changed since Carol Beckley joined SELCO as a member in 1966, the credit union’s dedication to helping people reach their goals has remained steadfast. This commitment inspired Carol to join SELCO’s Supervisory Committee in 1999. In 2006, she joined the SELCO Board of Directors, which she currently chairs, and the following year joined SELCO’s Executive & Finance Committee. Carol Beckley, SELO Community Credit Union Board of Directors Chair

Now retired, Carol was most recently the Budget Analyst for Lane Community College, a position she held for nearly three decades. Prior to her career in education, Carol joined the US Navy and was stationed at the US Naval Air Facility at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington, DC. One of her more interesting jobs was to assist the Flight Chief on Navy flights with high-ranking passengers (such as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, members of Congress, and visiting foreign officers).  

In her 40s, as a mother of two, she decided to enroll in Linfield University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and graduated in the top two of her class. Later, she had the opportunity to teach a class on educational budget law at the University of Oregon. 

In addition to serving on SELCO’s Board, Carol volunteered on the LCC Retiree Committee to develop and organize the LCC Retiree Association. As part of the association’s activities, Carol hosted a Travel Club where she shared her experiences of traveling to over 80 countries and organized other speakers. 

In her free time, you’ll find Carol pursuing her greatest passion—her family. Carol’s mother was one of five children. Even as the family grew with each generation (now in the great-grandchildren stage), this five-generation group still gathers whenever possible and makes the most of every minute.

Anthony K. Saxman, Vice Chair 

Anthony K. Saxman joined SELCO’s Board of Directors in 2019 and is currently the board’s Vice Chair. He also serves on SELCO’s Nominating and Operations & Marketing Committees. Previously, he served on SELCO’s Supervisory Committee, which he chaired for two years. Anthony Saxman, SELO Community Credit Union Board of Directors Vice Chair

As the former Director of IT Programs and Projects at the University of Oregon, Anthony oversaw and managed the daily operations of the university’s information-technology projects. At one time, he concurrently held three leadership positions across the university; in addition to being Director of IT Programs and Projects, he was also Co-Senior Director of Information Services and Interim Director of the University Network and Telecommunications Department. 

Among his professional awards are the Harold K. Strom College Service Award for outstanding service and contributions to UO’s Lundquist College of Business, the Lundquist College of Business Outstanding Service Award, and the Newcomb Fellow Award for his earlier contributions to the College of Business at Oregon State University. He also established the University of Oregon’s annual Cyber Resilience Summit, which brings together the private and public sectors to find ways to enhance cyber resiliency across all industries. 

Anthony considers his greatest accomplishment—and his legacy—to be his family. He and his wife raised four outstanding human beings, who together are now raising 11 exceptional grandchildren.

Curt Heimuller, Director 

Curt Heimuller, SELO Community Credit Union Board of Directors Director Curt Heimuller joined SELCO’s Supervisory Committee in 2000. Seven years later, he joined SELCO’s Operations & Marketing Committee and the SELCO Board of Directors, serving as Board Chair from April 2021–April 2023. 

A graduate of Cornell University’s Executive MBA Program, Curt is Vice President of the hotel management firm Aimbridge Hospitality, overseeing Aimbridge’s 1,600-acre Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond. In this role, he also supports the development and management of the company’s 1,800 locations and 60,000 employees worldwide. He has worn many hats in his time with Aimbridge—including General Manager, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Information Officer—and has been directly involved in numerous mergers, acquisitions, and successful redevelopments of distressed properties. 

Curt’s varied roles at Aimbridge have instilled in him the importance of a strong and consistent company culture. SELCO’s shared commitment to culture was a large part of what drew him to the credit union first as a member, then as a committee and board member. Seeing the positive impact SELCO has on its members, team members, and community is what keeps him deeply invested in supporting SELCO’s mission. 

When he isn’t championing the credit union philosophy or serving on numerous commercial and residential association boards, you’ll find him with his family, spending every free moment with his children and grandchildren. 

Tammi Miller, Director 

Tammi Miller, SELO Community Credit Union Board of Directors Director After serving on various SELCO committees since 2009, Tammi Miller joined the SELCO Board of Directors in 2023. As PeaceHealth’s System Director for Property Management, she manages the health care system’s leases, properties, and property acquisitions across Oregon, Washington, and Alaska—a position she has held for over three decades. During this time, she helped secure the location and oversee the construction of the Sacred Heart Medical Center in Springfield. 

In addition to serving on SELCO’s board and committees, Tammi is currently the president of the Eugene Police Foundation. Her passion for law and supporting law enforcement is deep-rooted: She earned her law degree from the University of Oregon School of Law in 1994, is a member of the Oregon State Bar Association, and served eight years on the Eugene Police Commission. Previously, she also served on the board of the Eugene-Springfield Youth Orchestras.  

Bridging all of Tammi’s pursuits is her love of community, and she is constantly seeking out professional and volunteer opportunities to help her community thrive. 


Jim Antonini, Director

Jim Antonini, SELO Community Credit Union Board of Directors Director Jim Antonini has a longstanding connection with SELCO—not only as a member-owner since 1995, but also as a director for SELCO Group since the early 2000s. In fact, it was his passion for SELCO and the credit union mission that earned him an invitation to join the SELCO Group Board of Directors. Now retired as a General Manager for Atiyeh Brothers—the Oregon-based Oriental Rug company since 1900—he expanded his credit-union service in 2022 to include positions on the SELCO Board of Directors and SELCO’s Operations & Marketing Committee. 

During his many years overseeing Atiyeh Brothers’ Eugene location, he also served as director and president of various nonprofits and professional associations. Decades of volunteerism have given him invaluable insight into leadership, teamwork, and opportunities for growth that he applied to his professional life and beyond. 

Whether in his career or one of his many volunteer capacities, Jim’s commitment to providing the highest level of community service has been unwavering. This commitment—and his love of credit unions—was fostered at a young age by his father, a skilled tradesman himself, who often said, “When you need to save or borrow, do it at a credit union. You’re helping other members, and they’re helping you.”

Board and Committee Compensation 

In light of SELCO’s growing size and governance obligations, and in keeping with industry best practices, SELCO will provide equitable compensation to its directors and committee members beginning January 2024. In addition to attracting and retaining talented community leaders, reasonable compensation broadens the pool of candidates to include those who might otherwise be unable to dedicate time as volunteers. SELCO believes the critical work of its board and committees should be recognized and is committed to making board and committee service as accessible and inclusive as possible. 

Review SELCO’s Board and Committee Compensation Notice.