Frequently Asked Questions

Your member number (ranging from 3-7 digits, zeroes not included) is located in the upper right of your monthly eStatement or paper statement.


If you can't locate your member number, feel free to call us at 800-445-4483 and we'll help you look it up.

You'll need your routing and account numbers to set up direct deposit or an electronic tax refund. The routing number is the 9-digit number found in the lower left of your checks, in online banking, and on the mobile banking app. SELCO's routing number is 323274445, which is the same for every SELCO member. Your 14-digit account number is located in the lower middle of checks, and also can be found in online banking and the mobile app.


In online banking, log in and click the green “Routing & Acct Numbers” button in the “Balances” window to view your full 14-digit account number(s) and routing number. Note, you’ll need to answer a security challenge before the information will appear.


In mobile banking, select “Routing & Acct Number” from the Main Menu to view your full 14-digit account number(s) and routing number. Note, you’ll need to answer a security challenge before the information will appear.


You can also find the routing number at the bottom of every page. Also, remember that each account has a unique 14-digit account number.

In order to receive a wire transfer into your SELCO account, you’ll need the following information:

  • SELCO’s ABA/Routing number: 323274445
  • SELCO’s information in the “Wire To” address, also referred to as the “Beneficiary Financial Institution” line. You’ll want to use:
    SELCO Community Credit Union
    P.O. Box 7487
    Springfield, OR 97475
    Phone: 800-445-4483
  • In the “Beneficiary” field, include:
    • Your account number
    • The name of the account holder
    • The address listed for the account
  • Any other relevant information can be included in the “Reference” field.

Please note that SELCO does not offer a SWIFT Code or IBAN for international wires.

General Information about Wires

  • Many institutions may be involved in the transfer of foreign currency.
  • Outgoing wire transfer requests received Monday – Friday, before 2:00pm PST, will generally be processed the same day. International U.S. dollar wires requested after 2:00pm PST will be processed the next business day. Foreign exchange wires require more time to process due to exchange rates.
  • Domestic wires can take up to 72 business hours. Foreign exchange wires may take up to 14 calendar days to post.
  • If the full wire transfer amount has not been received on or after 14 calendar days, you can submit a notice of error.

To see our outgoing wire transfer fees, please refer to our Savings Rate and Fee Schedule

Need help completing your request? Contact us today.

Your savings/checking/loan ID is a two-digit number that follows your account number. A common savings ID is 01 and a common checking ID is 10. However, if you have multiple saving, checking, or loan accounts, you’ll also have multiple IDs.

To locate a specific two-digit ID, log in to online banking and select “Accounts” from the top menu. Each of your accounts, along with their IDs, will be listed in the Balances section.

Note: You’ll also notice a letter before each ID; when requesting a transaction, please include only the numbers.

If you want to transfer money to another SELCO member, please contact the member directly for the correct ID number.

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