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Contactless Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit or call the automated activation line at 866-262-9488. It'll only take a few moments, and we'll walk you through every step.

Contactless payments use short-range wireless technology to make secure payments between a contactless card or payment-enabled device and a contactless-enabled terminal, providing the ability to “tap” the terminal to pay—without the need to swipe, dip, or insert the card.

  • It’s fast. Your payment is processed in seconds so you can be on your way.
  • It’s easy. Simply tap your Visa® contactless card on the contactless-enabled terminal.
  • It’s secure. When you tap to pay, you use the same trusted security as chip cards. Each transaction is protected by a dynamic encryption.

Millions of merchants around the world accept contactless payments, including fast food restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and more. Just look for the Contactless Symbol at checkout, tap your card on the contactless-enabled terminal, and be on your way.

Yes, absolutely. Your new contactless card is still compatible with mobile wallets

Yes, contactless cards use the same trusted security as chip cards. Each transaction is protected by a dynamic encryption. Just like a chip card, each transaction is accompanied by a one-time code that protects your payment information. Unlike cash, using your contactless card provides an electronic record of your purchases and gives you all the great functionality and convenience of a Visa card. Because of all these safeguards, it is difficult for someone to skim cardholder information off of a card for fraudulent purchases.

No. Contactless technology requires the merchant to first initiate the payment, and the contactless card must be held in close proximity (1–2 inches) to the terminal for a transaction to take place.