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Register for digital banking graphic

Register for Digital Banking

Sign up as an individual or business in a handful of easy steps. 

Add Usernames to Login Dropdown

Seamlessly go back and forth between your account logins from a single dropdown.  

Find Your Routing & Account Info

Quickly locate SELCO’s routing number and your account information.

Make a Mobile Deposit

In just a few steps, deposit checks into one of your deposit accounts using your device’s camera.

Enable or disable the Quick Balance widget graphic

Enable/Disable the Quick Balance Widget

Quick Balance lets you see your account balances without logging in. 

Send a wire transfer graphic

Send a Wire

What you’ll need to know to wire money within and outside the US. 

Hide an Account

Use the customize function to hide any of your accounts from viewing. 

Add an external financial account to view graphic

Add an External Account to View

Set up external institutions that you’d like to view from your digital banking homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in most cases you can. Typically, the primary (or first-named account holder) will keep the current username. To get started with your own login, register using any member number where you’re an account holder on all the deposits and loans. Once logged in, you’ll see a personalized view of all your deposits and loans at SELCO across any other membership accounts you hold.

By enabling Face or Fingerprint ID, you can log in quickly and securely without entering a security code every time. However, as an additional layer of security, you may be prompted to enter a code on occasion. Please note: Your initial login for every device will require security code verification.

Great question. “Current balance” is a compilation of credits and debits (incoming and outgoing funds) that are moving throughout an account at any given time. Pending transfers or payments that haven’t been fully processed may be listed in your transaction history but won’t be reflected in your current balance. “Available balance” is how much you currently have in your account minus pending payments and deposits and is a more accurate reflection of the money available to use.

When you log in to digital banking on a desktop computer, your balance showing on the left is your available balance. On the app, your current and available balances will be listed on the homescreen, when applicable.

Account maintenance changes, such as adding or deleting shares or owners, may take up to 30 minutes to be reflected on your account.

We’ve expanded our financial resources to include some new and improved tools, available from your dashboard and integrated with your account history: 

  • Savings Goal. By creating a savings goal, you can allocate funds from one account to another (i.e., checking to savings) to reach your goal by a target date. The tool measures your goal by tracking incoming and outgoing funds from that savings account.
  • Financial Health Checkup. This tool assesses your spending, debt, credit score, planning behaviors, and savings and even offers personalized recommendations.
  • Spend Forecast. This tool forecasts your spending and income obligations based on transaction history, giving you a good idea of how much money you’ll have at a certain point in the future.
  • Spending Analysis. A breakdown of your spending habits by category in a graphical format (recategorize your transactions at any time for a more refined view). This tool also compares your spending habits in the displayed time span with the previous period. You can even customize the analysis to include all of your accounts or just select ones.
  • Get Your Credit Score. See your credit score (and a full credit report) in real time and for free, right from your digital banking dashboard. This tool also offers resources and tips to help you better understand how your credit is monitored.
  • Aggregate External Accounts. Link external accounts you own to your digital banking dashboard, creating a one-stop hub.

You can even customize your dashboard to prioritize which tools you’d like to use on a regular basis.

As long as you regularly access digital banking, your credit score will be updated every seven days and displayed within your digital banking screen. You also have the ability to refresh your credit score every 24 hours by clicking “Refresh Score.” This is done by navigating to the detailed Credit Score Dashboard from within digital banking.

With the upgrade, account holders can each have their own personalized login. Each account holder will also have their own Bill Pay profile and payees, meaning scheduled bill payments won’t immediately be visible between users. However, account owners can submit a secure form in digital banking to request Bill Pay profiles be manually linked between users.

¡Sí! If you’re on a desktop, click your profile picture in the upper-right corner and select the language of your choice. If using the app, tap “Menu” in the lower-right corner, then make your selection.

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