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We’ll save you more

Whether it's your first home, forever home, or something in between, our experts can help. We offer low rates, fewer fees, and faster service on conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA mortgages. 

  • Find the best possible rate.
  • Save on closing costs.
  • No origination, processing, or credit report fees.
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We'll help crunch the numbers

Not sure how much home you can comfortably afford? Let our loan officers help break down the costs across different loan terms so you know all your options.

Current Mortgage Rates

Product Type Rate APR
15 Year Fixed (Conforming) Rate5.625 % APR5.816 %
30 Year Fixed Conventional Rate6.500 % APR6.662 %
30 Year FHA Rate5.500 % APR6.773 %
30 Year VA Rate5.375 % APR5.671 %
30 Year USDA Rural Home Purchase Rate5.500 % APR5.982 %
30 Year Conventional Manufactured Home Rate6.500 % APR6.204 %
30 Year FHA Manufactured Home Rate6.000 % APR7.116 %
30 Year VA Manufactured Home Rate5.875 % APR4.905 %

Lowest annual percentage rates shown. APR is based on individual credit qualifications and may be higher.

15-year home loan payment example: On a loan for $275,000 at 4.709% APR for 180 months (15 years), borrower would make 180 payments of $2,133.

30-year home loan payment example: On a loan for $275,000 at 5.622% APR for 360 months (30 years), borrower would make 360 payments of $1,527.

 The entire mortgage experience, from the initial communication through the purchase, was fantastic. These are true professionals. 
— Jonathan B., SELCO member since 1992


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