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Where Can I Find My Tax Information?

A reference for when it’s time to file.

It’s that time once again. We’ve put together a list of all relevant tax forms and where you can find the info you need. Check back here once you start filing!

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Jackson County Sportsmen’s & Outdoor Show

Get preapproved and get two free tickets to the show, February 24-26.

Stop by any Eugene or Springfield branch, get preapproved for a boat or vehicle loan, and we'll give you two free tickets to the show.

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$1,500 Scholarships for Graduates

Accepting applications now through April 1st.

Planning to attend college? You might be eligible for a $1,500 SELCO Scholarship to use toward tuition or other educational expenses.

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Are Credit Cards Better Than Debit?

How do you decide how to pay? 

You've got a lot of options when you reach the checkout counter. Which option is the best? When is it better to pay credit and when should you use debit? Before you make up your mind, you should hear them out.

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