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Card Management & Alerts

Set card controls

Set Card Controls

Establish transaction limits, restrict transactions, or even suspend your cards. 

Lock your card

Lock Your Card

Instantly block new purchases and cash advances if your card has been misplaced or stolen. 

Create Card Alerts

Receive notifications when certain transactions are made and your card is declined.

Add a travel notice graphic

Add a Travel Notice

Enter trip details, like where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone, to prevent declines. 

Report Card Lost/Stolen

Cancel your misplaced or stolen card and order a replacement within seconds.

Request New Debit Card

Place an order for a new debit card with just a few taps on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Card controls, featured in digital banking, are available for SELCO Community Credit Union members. Use it to manage spending and secure your cards from potential fraud right from your desktop computer or mobile device.

Card controls includes the most popular features you’re accustomed to (and more):

  • Turn your card off (which blocks all transactions, except for recurring payments, deposits, or credits), and turn it on instantly when you’re ready to make a transaction.
  • Limit card use to only gas stations.
  • Set the spend limit (maximum dollar amount your card can be used for).
  • Decline online, international, or ATM transactions.
  • Travel notices to avoid inaccurate card declines.

There are plenty of ways to stay on top of transactions as they happen through card control alerts. Receive notifications by text, email, or push notifications for any of the following:

  • Transactions over a certain amount
  • In-store, online, or contactless transactions
  • International transactions
  • Anytime your card is declined
  • Card used at a gas station
  • ATM withdrawals
  • When your balance drops below a certain amount

Absolutely. You can set alerts for activity on your accounts and cards (there’s no longer need for a separate Card Manager app) as well as notifications of suspicious activity. Get alerted when your balances dip below or go above a certain amount, when checks clear, when your loans are due, and much more. These alerts can be sent via email, text, or push notification. To learn more, visit the “Card Management & Alerts” help and support page.


Card controls let you set limits on how your cards are used, and real-time alerts will let you know exactly when your card is being used. Every step of the way, you’re in complete control.

Card controls in digital banking can only be used for SELCO-issued debit or credit cards. SELCO gift cards or cards issued by other financial institutions are not allowed.

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