Protecting Your Information

Everyone deserves a partner looking out for them 

Fraudsters, unfortunately, aren’t going anywhere. The good news is, there have never been more tools at your disposal to keep your information and accounts secure. From tips for spotting the latest scams to text alerts to track every transaction, SELCO offers ways to stay one step ahead. 

Help & Support Center 

What do you do if your card has been lost or stolen? What if your info was involved in a data breach? Find the answer (and more) at our Help & Support Center.  

Card Manager 

Keep your information safe! With this free app, you can set alerts, card controls, travel notices, and more for your SELCO debit and credit cards.

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10 Tips for Fortifying Your Passwords and Usernames

We all do it: Use familiar usernames and passwords over and over. But check out these tips for securing your information with hard-to-guess phrases.

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Swimming Clear of Phishing Scams

Scammers can pose as a familiar business or service, commonly through phone, text, or email. Thankfully there are ways to avoid these tactics.

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How to Ensure Your Accounts Are Safe

With so much information floating around in cyberspace, it's more important than ever to set up personal firewalls against potential fraud and identity theft.

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Defending Against Identity Theft and Credit Fraud

Identity theft is on the rise. Follow these protective measures to prevent yourself from becoming the next victim.

Traveling Smarter and Safer

Going out of town for awhile? Kaydie shares her top 5 tips for prepping your finances for vacation. Plan ahead, stay safe, and avoid surcharges at the ATM.  

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