Account Management

Customize Your Dashboard

Organize your digital banking dashboard however you’d like. 

Rename your account

Rename Your Account

Make your accounts truly yours by giving them a name. 

Hide an Account

Use the customize function to hide any of your accounts from viewing. 

Add a member to member account

Add a Member-to-Member Account

Use a code or account number to set up the capability to transfer funds to other members. 

View and sort recent transactions

View and Sort Recent Transactions

Easily access recent transactions from your digital banking dashboard. 

Search and filter past purchases

Search and Filter Past Purchases

Quickly find specific purchases to review in your checking or credit card accounts. 

Opt in to expanded courtesy pay

Opt in to Expanded Courtesy Pay

Add more overdraft protection on your checking account by opting in to this service. 

Open a New Account

Add a deposit account or two through this portal in digital banking. 

Apply for a Loan

Use digital banking as a portal to an easy-to-navigate tool for applying for SELCO loans.

Enable or disable quick balance widget graphic

Enable/Disable the Quick Balance Widget

Quick Balance lets you see your account balances without logging in. 

Send a secure message to SELCO Community Credit Union

Send a Secure Message

Safely contact SELCO’s Service Center directly in digital banking.  

Request a New Card

Place an order for a new debit or credit card with just a few taps on your device. 

Sign up for eStatements

Ready to go paperless? It’s easy to sign up for and view your statements in digital banking. 

View statements and documents digital banking graphic

View Statements and Documents

Go paperless for digital access to your monthly statements and other documents. 

Download your transaction history graphic

Download Transaction History

Export your account history (and print it) to review and keep on file.  

Search bill pay history

Search Bill Pay History

Find previous transactions made through Bill Pay in digital banking. 

Update my contact information

Update My Contact Info

Save a phone call or email by updating your contact information in digital banking. 

Activate Your Card

Get your debit or credit card ready for use in just a few steps in digital banking. 

Upload Home Loan Documents

Quickly upload necessary mortgage loan documents through our secure portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Early deposit access is a free service that gives you access to your paychecks, government payments, and other automated clearing house deposits two to four days early. Availability and timing is dependent on the payer, and not all deposits will be early. It's also important to keep in mind that early deposit access works as a provisional credit to your account. If we don’t receive final settlement from the payer, we may be required to reverse the credit, and you may be responsible for repayment of funds used and any resulting fees. See your Membership and Account Agreement for details.

We offer both overdraft protection and Courtesy Pay options. To enable Overdraft Protection in digital banking, click the three dots on the ribbon at the top of the page and scroll to Overdraft Protection. Once there, toggle to “Overdraft Protection Enabled” and select the account you would like to transfer money from in the event of an overdraft. To learn more, visit our Courtesy Pay Assurance page.

¡Sí! If you’re on a desktop, click your profile picture in the upper-right corner and select the language of your choice. If using the app, tap “Menu” in the lower-right corner, then make your selection.

If you aren’t currently enrolled in eStatements, it’s easy to set up in digital banking. 

  • On desktop: Click the ellipsis in the top menu and choose “Documents and Statements.” Slide the toggle to the right, then review and accept the eStatement Enrollment Terms and Conditions.
  • In the app: Tap “Menu,” select “Documents and Statements” from the “More” drop-down, and go through the same steps as above to complete enrollment.

You’ll now have electronic access to your statements, tax forms, and notices, and can download or print them any time you’d like.

Great question. “Current balance” is a compilation of credits and debits (incoming and outgoing funds) that are moving throughout an account at any given time. Pending transfers or payments that haven’t been fully processed may be listed in your transaction history but won’t be reflected in your current balance. “Available balance” is how much you currently have in your account minus pending payments and deposits and is a more accurate reflection of the money available to use.

When you log in to digital banking on a desktop computer, your balance showing on the left is your available balance. On the app, your current and available balances will be listed on the homescreen, when applicable.