Contact Insurance Services or Submit a Claim

More than one way to connect with us

  • For general insurance questions, give us a call or send us an email. 
  • Schedule an in-person visit with one of our specialists. 

If you’re in an accident … 

  1. Move to a safe area (if you can). 
  2. Stop your vehicle and get out. 
  3. Check on other parties involved and call 911 if anyone needs medical attention. 
  4. Call the police (even if damage is minor). 
  5. Gather information: 
    • Driver and passenger names 
    • License plate numbers 
    • Insurance info
    • Makes and models of all vehicles involved
    • Contact info for any eyewitnesses
    • Location of the accident
    • Name and badge number of any responding officers.

  6. Document the scene (e.g., with a smartphone camera). 
  7. File a claim (see Submitting Claims section above). 


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