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Count on our strength today and tomorrow

Assets totaling $2.7 billion

We’re financially solid

In fact, our regulatory examiners rate SELCO among the strongest credit unions in the Pacific Northwest. With $2.7 billion in total assets and $230 million in equity, we are well positioned to support each of our 150,000+ members and absorb shocks in US or global markets. 

Accounts guaranteed up to $250,000

Your money is safe with us

As a federally insured credit union, there’s really no better place for your money. Your SELCO accounts are guaranteed by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund up to $250,000 per person. No American has ever lost a single penny on their insured accounts at any federally insured credit union in the US. 

Serving credit union members for 87 years

You’re at the heart of all we do

SELCO’s cooperative, not-for-profit structure inherently holds us accountable to our members. Unlike commercial banks that maximize profits to enrich shareholders, we don’t engage in risky practices to meet profit demands. All decisions about the products and services are made in your best interests.It’s how we’ve done business for 87 years and counting. 

Thank you for trusting SELCO to protect your funds. You can rely on our unwavering commitment to your financial security and well-being—a commitment that’s driven SELCO’s mission for nearly nine decades.

 I've been a SELCO member for four years, and they still continue to impress! The employees are always friendly and treat you more like family than an account holder. I'll never go anywhere else. 
— Cheyne Smith, member since 2017