Dental Insurance

Person smiling after enrolling to have dental insurance

TakeAlong Dental (MetLife)

With TakeAlong Dental PPO from MetLife, you can ensure continuous dental coverage and the provider of your choice for you and your family. 

  • Lifelong coverage
  • Your choice of dentist, even if they're out of network
  • Coverage for hundreds of services and procedures, from cleanings to crowns 
Couple reviewing dental insurance plans together

PrimeStar Dental (Ameritas)

Featuring individual rates, no waiting period, and a variety of standard and additional benefits, PrimeStar Dental from Ameritas offers competitive pricing with choice. 

  • Next-day coverage and no enrollment fees
  • Exams, cleanings, and other preventive visits covered up to 100%
  • Select plans also include orthodontia, hearing care, and other benefits