Credit Cards

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Coverage from fraud and other surprises

  • With Visa’s Zero Liability Policy*, you’re protected against all unauthorized transactions. 
  • Includes free, 24-hour auto insurance coverage for damage due to collision or theft. 
  • Enjoy Travel Accident insurance coverage when you use your card to purchase travel tickets. 
Selco community credit union business credit card

Convenience plus control

  • Accepted by merchants worldwide. 
  • Add additional card holders and set spending limits for each. 
  • Easily separate your business and personal spending come tax time.  


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SELCO Digital Access: Secure, Quick, and Simple

SELCO offers a variety of digital tools, like a mobile app and online banking, that allow you to manage your accounts anywhere, anytime. Think of our digital tools as your virtual branch.

A hand using a SELCO Visa card at a payment terminal in a store.

Introducing SELCO Contactless Cards

From June 2021 on, all newly issued SELCO credit and debit cards will be contactless, giving you the ability to simply tap to pay.

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The Ins and Outs of Credit

Credit is an integral part of your financial power, and fully understanding how it works will help you build a solid history that will open doors and advance your goals.

Woman sitting on the floor with laptop and credit card.

7 Visa Card Features That Might Surprise You

A SELCO Platinum Visa credit card is more than just a piece of plastic used for buying things. Dig deep enough, and you'll find several benefits and perks that you may not have been aware of.

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