Payments & Transfers

Make a Loan Payment With a Card

Use a debit or credit card from an external institution to make loan payments.

Make a Mobile Deposit

In just a few steps, deposit checks into one of your deposit accounts using your device’s camera.

Pay a Loan or Credit Card Via Transfer

Set recurring payments or send one-time installments to your SELCO loan(s).

Add a bill pay payee graphic

Add Bill Pay Payee

Organize your bills by setting payees through the Bill Pay function of digital banking. 

Pay a Bill in Mobile

See how easy it is to pay your bills using Bill Pay from your mobile device in digital banking.

Pay a Bill in Desktop

Quick and simple steps on how to pay your bills on your desktop computer in digital banking.

Transfer to another member

Transfer to Another Member

With a few taps on your device, transfer funds to any SELCO member, any time. 

Transfer Between Accounts

Set and forget recurring transfers or quickly move money between your accounts. 

Transfer to another financial institution

Transfer to Another Institution

Schedule one-time and recurring transfers to your non-SELCO accounts. 

Add an External Account for Transfers

Set up external institutions that you’d like to transfer money to and from your SELCO account.

View scheduled bill payments and history in digital banking graphic

View Scheduled Bill Payments and History

Get a full accounting of bills that have gone out and will go out. 

Request a Skip Payment

Request up to two skip payments over a rolling 12-month period on your qualifying SELCO loans.

Find Your Routing & Account Info

Quickly locate SELCO’s routing number and your account information.

Send a Wire

What you’ll need to know to wire money within and outside the US.

Manually Add An External Account for Transfers

Manually set up external institutions that you’d like to transfer money to and from your SELCO account.

Frequently Asked Questions

SELCO limits electronic transfers made via digital banking from certain savings accounts to six per calendar month. Because of this, you cannot make more than six monthly electronic transfers from each savings account, secondary savings account, or money market account.

Yes! Consumer loans may be paid directly using an external transfer. While business loans are currently unable to be paid with an external transfer, members can transfer to a deposit account and then to the business loan.

The funds will be debited from your SELCO account within 1 business day. However, please allow 1–3 business days for the funds to be credited to your other account.

Credits from external accounts will typically post in 1–2 business days. This brief delay helps ensure the credit isn’t returned to the originating institution due to an error or insufficient funds. 

You can initiate a wire transfer right in digital banking—our Send a Wire How-To will walk you through each step. You can also visit any branch or call us at 800-445-4483.