Make the Switch to SELCO

Step 1: Open your account 

Membership is open to anyone who lives or works in one of the  counties we serve. And with our online application, it only takes about five minutes to apply. What you'll need to get started: 

  • Valid ID 
  • Proof of address 
  • Your Social Security number 
  • $10 to get started 

Step 2: Update your direct deposits and automatic payments 

During the account opening process, you’ll be able to switch your deposits and automatic payments (car payments, mortgage, Netflix subscription, etc.) automatically using ClickSWITCH.

Step 3: Close your old account and transfer remaining funds 

Last step: Let your old institution know you’d like to close your account (you’ll have to provide this in writing). 

 I just have to give a shout-out to Jen Troiano. She has been so helpful and constantly gone above and beyond with helping me and my partner with our banking needs. Since there are no SELCO branches near us, banking has been tricky; if it wasn't for Jen, we likely would have had to close our accounts. Thanks, Jen! 
— Tyler E., SELCO member since 2020
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