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Payments & Transfers

Frequently Asked Questions

SELCO limits electronic transfers made via digital banking from certain savings accounts to six per calendar month. Because of this, you cannot make more than six monthly electronic transfers from each savings account, secondary savings account, or money market account.

Digital banking operates in real time, so transactions are reflected on your account immediately.

Your savings/checking/loan ID is a two-digit number that follows your account number. A common savings ID is 01 and a common checking ID is 10. However, if you have multiple savings, checking, or loan accounts, you’ll also have multiple IDs.

To locate a specific two-digit ID, log in to digital banking, then click or tap your checking, savings, or loan account. Your account ID will be located in the Details section.

Note: You’ll also notice a letter before each ID; when requesting a transaction, please include only the numbers.

If you want to transfer money to another SELCO member, please contact the member directly for the correct ID number.

Your member number (ranging from 3-7 digits, zeroes not included) is located in the upper right of your monthly eStatement or paper statement.


If you can't locate your member number, feel free to call us at 800-445-4483 and we'll help you look it up.

If you receive this message, it's likely because you don't currently have an email address on file. Once you add your email, you shouldn't see this message again.

To add your email: Log in to digital banking and select your profile icon in the upper-right corner, then select “Profile” (on mobile, select “Profile” from the Menu option). Under the Personal Details tab, enter your email address, then select “Save Changes.” You should now be ready to enroll in Bill Pay.

This is expected and based on what that payee has requested the Bill Pay processor use. If there are any updates to your payee information, these changes will happen automatically and will help ensure that your payments are processed quickly and correctly.

If you need to update contact info for an electronic payee—including individual payees—you’ll need to delete and re-add the payee.

Credits from external accounts will typically post in 1–2 business days. This brief delay helps ensure the credit isn’t returned to the originating institution due to an error or insufficient funds. 

Transfers happen continuously throughout the day. However, transfers made after 2:00pm PT will be processed the following business day.

Eligible account types are personal savings, checking, and loans. Please note: Eligibility to add loan accounts is typically determined by the external institution.

The funds will be debited from your SELCO account within 1 business day. However, please allow 1–3 business days for the funds to be credited to your other account.

Yes! Consumer loans may be paid directly using an external transfer. While business loans are currently unable to be paid with an external transfer, members can transfer to a deposit account and then to the business loan.

You’ll have 15 business days to verify your external account. After that time, the trial deposits we sent will no longer be valid, and you’ll need to start the process again. 

All of your member-to-member transfers, Bill Pay payees and scheduled bill payments, and internal and external transfers will be waiting for you when you log in for the first time.

Both statements and credit reporting are updated once a month (at month’s end). For this reason, payments made before the statements and reports are generated will not be reflected until the following month’s statement or credit report has been posted.

While your Bill Pay history tab will only show your payment history following the upgrade, you can search for older bill payments in your transaction history. If you’d like a record of your previous Bill Pay history in an Excel file, please complete the Bill Pay History Secure Form in digital banking. We’ll respond within 3–5 business days. 

If you initiate an external transfer before 9:00am PT on a business day, the transfer will be processed that day. Any external transfers initiated after 9:00am are processed the next business day. 

You'll need your routing and account numbers to set up direct deposit or an electronic tax refund. The routing number is the 9-digit number found in the lower left of your checks, in digital banking, and at the bottom of every page. SELCO's routing number is 323274445, which is the same for every SELCO member. Your 14-digit account number is located in the lower middle of checks, and also can be found in digital banking and at the bottom of every page. Each account has a unique 14-digit account number.


In digital banking, select any of your accounts and click or tap Details. Your account number, routing number, and full account number for ACH/direct deposits will be listed at the top.

You can also find the routing number at the bottom of every page. Also, remember that each account has a unique 14-digit account number.

With the upgrade, account holders can each have their own personalized login. Each account holder will also have their own Bill Pay profile and payees, meaning scheduled bill payments won’t immediately be visible between users. However, account owners can submit a secure form in digital banking to request Bill Pay profiles be manually linked between users.

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