Frequently Asked Questions

Bill Pay, a free service included with your SELCO account, makes it easy to schedule one-time or recurring payments from your SELCO accounts. Payments can be scheduled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere you are.

All you need is a SELCO account, internet access, and any browser besides Internet Explorer.

If you receive this message, it's likely because you don't currently have an email address on file. Once you add your email, you shouldn't see this message again.

To add your email: Log in to digital banking and select your profile icon in the upper-right corner, then select “Profile” (on mobile, select “Profile” from the Menu option). Under the Personal Details tab, enter your email address, then select “Save Changes.” You should now be ready to enroll in Bill Pay.

This is expected and based on what that payee has requested the Bill Pay processor use. If there are any updates to your payee information, these changes will happen automatically and will help ensure that your payments are processed quickly and correctly.

If you need to update contact info for an electronic payee—including individual payees—you’ll need to delete and re-add the payee.

With the upgrade, account holders can each have their own personalized login. Each account holder will also have their own Bill Pay profile and payees, meaning scheduled bill payments won’t immediately be visible between users. However, account owners can submit a secure form in digital banking to request Bill Pay profiles be manually linked between users.

If a check payment isn't deposited within 90 days, the check will be canceled and the refund will be credited back to the account you used to make the payment. You'll receive an email notification after the refund is deposited into your account.

We recommend first verifying that the payee name, address, and account number in Bill Pay exactly match what is listed on your bill—even small changes to what the payee has requested may cause your payment to go by check. If this doesn't change your payment type from check to electronic, then the payee currently accepts check payments only.

However, there is a form you can provide to the payee that would let them convert from check to electronic payments, making it faster and easier for you to send and track payments (and for payees to receive them).

SELCO allows up to two skip payments over a rolling 12-month period on eligible loans with the following conditions. A $30 fee applies.

  • No other conditions of the original loan agreement will be modified.
  • A minimum of three consecutive payments must be made between Skip Payments.
  • All SELCO accounts must be in good standing.

Please note, not all loans are eligible. The following loans are excluded:

  • Loans with Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) added.
  • Past due loans.
  • Real estate secured loans.
  • Auto loans in the Options program.
  • Loans with payment arrangements or payment deferrals agreed to with the Collections Department.

Note: Interest on a loan balance will still accrue when a payment is skipped.

To get started, check out our Request a Skip Payment How-To.