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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. While you don't need your member number to log in to digital banking, you’ll still need it for account verification and other uses.

Yes! You'll be able to access your accounts on a desktop computer and the mobile app with the same username and password.

After selecting your preferred contact method, confirm that you’ve clicked the “Proceed” button. If you don’t receive your verification code within a minute, please see the specific troubleshooting tips below.

If requesting a code by text:

If your text code doesn't arrive within a minute, you might not have short codes enabled on your phone. (A short code is the abbreviated phone number used to send the text).

Please note: You’ll need to contact your cell phone carrier directly to activate short codes on your device.

Alternatively, some members have had success activating short codes by:

  • Texting "Start" to 90703.
  • Enrolling in Text Banking. To enroll, select “Text Banking” from the online banking main menu, click “Add Device,” then verify your mobile number and agreeing to the terms (you may be prompted for additional security verification). You'll then receive an 8-digit activation code by text. Enter this when prompted and click "Submit."

If requesting a code by email:

Make sure to check your spam folder. If your code was filtered to your spam, make sure to mark the email as “Not Spam” so future codes will arrive in your inbox.

Fortunately, no. To access your other accounts (including your child’s account), all you’ll need to do is toggle between them in digital banking. No need to log in separately to each account. Check out this how-to to learn more.

As a security feature, if you unsuccessfully log in three times, your account will be restricted from online access. (This is to prevent someone from trying to guess your password.) To unlock your account, click the “Forgot your username or password?” link and follow the instructions. You can also contact us through live chat or by calling 800-445-4483, and we’ll help reset your password. 

You'll need to update your log-in info in any of your aggregated services. In most cases, this is the only step you'll need to take. However, if you are using the software of Quicken/QuickBooks (as opposed to the online version), you’ll be able to continue using your member number and password.

By enabling Face or Fingerprint ID, you can log in quickly and securely without entering a security code every time. However, as an additional layer of security, you may be prompted to enter a code on occasion. Please note: Your initial login for every device will require security code verification.

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