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Education Articles


7 Visa Card Features That Might Surprise You

‘More than just a piece of plastic’ Credit cards offer a convenient way to make purchases. That much is known. What’s less understood are the benefits credit cards can offer. For those willing to put on their research hats, there are many perks attached to credit cards—many of which you may already have at your disposal without knowing it. To ge...
Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits Knowing Your Payment Options

One-Stop Financial Shopping

If you’re like most shoppers, you’d rather make as few trips as possible when checking off the shopping list. Retailers have met this demand by providing a more diverse selection of products than ever before—we’ve long become accustomed to setting dog food, running shoes, and organic produce in the same shopping cart (both the physical and onlin...
Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits Knowing Your Payment Options

What's New With SELCO's Digital Services?

As the world continues to speed up, many of us choose to manage everything on the go, including our finances. With that in mind, SELCO recently rolled out some exciting new features for its ever-growing suite of digital services. Here’s a quick overview of these enhancements: Signing up for and viewing Your eStatements straight from the app If...
Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits Knowing Your Payment Options

Understanding VA Loans

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers many financial benefits to military veterans. One of the more significant benefits is a VA mortgage loan. How does a VA loan work? And how is it different from a conventional mortgage? At its base level, a VA loan allows veterans and their families to purchase a home at a lower interest rate...
Planning Your Future Owning a Home Knowing Your Payment Options

Debt Snowball vs. Debt Avalanche

Ever noticed how much easier it is to fall out of shape than to get into shape? The same can be said (albeit the exact opposite) about getting into (too easy) and out of (pretty hard) debt. There are many ways to dig out of debt—some extreme and unlikely, like winning the lottery or inheriting a pile of money. Chances are pretty low that either ...
Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits Knowing Your Payment Options

Student Loan Relief: Keep Paying or Hit Pause?

Update: The federal government again extended the student-loan forbearance period, this time to August 31, 2022.  Here's the original article, along with updated estimated savings for those who pause payments or continue to pay down their student loans: The economic damage inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic has had a domino effect on many...
Planning Your Future Knowing Your Payment Options

Is It Time To Refinance Your Auto Loan?

Not just for mortgages, refis can mean big savings over the life of your car loan When you hear the word “refinance,” what usually comes to mind? A mortgage loan, right? And in the current landscape, there’s  no better time to restructure  your home loan. But did you know you can also refinance a vehicle loan? Often, when you finance a vehicle,...
Buying a Vehicle Knowing Your Payment Options

SELCO Select Checking: Your Personal Financial Hub

A checking account is no longer just a place to house and access your money. In the past, checking accounts were mostly used as a pass-through system, pooling your money and then dispersing it via checks or cash withdrawals. But like so many other banking products and services, checking accounts have evolved to fit modern times and needs. You ca...
Planning Your Future Knowing Your Payment Options

Knowing Your Home Improvement Options

As spring turns to summer, Oregon's natural beauty is in full view. Is it time to spruce up your home to match that splendor? Depending on the scope of the project, home improvements can be both time-consuming and costly. And many use their home’s equity to acquire the funds needed to complete the project. Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs),...
Planning Your Future Owning a Home Knowing Your Payment Options

SELCO App Update Brings Even More Capabilities

If you already use SELCO’s mobile banking app, you’re undoubtedly aware of the convenience it offers as you sign in with a fingerprint to deposit checks, pay bills, transfer funds, or send money to anyone with a few taps. We listen to and value your feedback as it helps us prioritize enhancements to make our app even more useful. And our newest...
Choosing a Financial Partner Knowing Your Payment Options
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