Digital Banking Upgrades: Making Your Day-To-Day Even Easier

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We’re always looking for ways to improve your digital banking experience, and thanks to member feedback, we have a number of updates that will make it easier to do your banking digitally. Read on for an overview of the latest enhancements.

Woman with coffee looking at tabletPlease note: If you don’t have automatic updates enabled on your mobile device, be sure to update the SELCO app to explore and enjoy the newest features.

Self-service loan payment options 

There are already a number of ways to make your monthly SELCO loan payments (through digital transfers, by sending a check in the mail, using Bill Pay, or over the phone). We’ve offered another convenient way to pay—as well as an easy option to become current on your loans—in digital banking.

  • Pay by card. Use any of the following from another institution to make one-time loan payments:
    • Non-SELCO debit/ATM card
    • MasterCard credit card
    • Discover credit card

There currently isn’t a fee for this service, but ultimately a small fee will be assessed for each pay-by-card transaction. Check out this How-To about setting up a loan payment by card, which can be initiated from the “Transfer” tab.

  • SELCO Payment Solutions. Need to catch up on your loan payments? Also within the “Transfer” tab, eligible borrowers can use the same pay-by-card options above as well as ACH transfers from an external savings or checking account to make one-time payments or accept payment arrangement offers. 

SELCO app loan payments display

All your card actions in one place 

We’ve collected all your card actions into one location, meaning you’ll know just where to go whenever you want to do anything card-related. We’ve renamed the “Card Controls” tab “Card Services,” which is where you’ll now go to:

  • Request a replacement card.
  • Report a card lost/stolen.
  • Lock or unlock your cards.
  • Create travel notices.
  • Set advanced card controls and alerts.
  • Make credit card payments.
  • View credit card statements.

Check out our Card Management & Alerts tutorials to see how all the card-related features work to make your day-to-day go even smoother.

Deposited check images

If you regularly deposit checks at a SELCO ATM, or by mobile deposit/business remote capture in digital banking, you can now view images of your checks in digital banking (for up to two years). If an image of a check isn’t available, a “Check Image Request” secure form can be filled out to obtain one. This functionality adds to the ability to view images of checks written by members that have cleared. Step 4 of this How-To shows how to view your check images.

SELCO app check images display

Digital cards without delay 

Need a new or replacement SELCO card and want to start using it as soon as possible? We’ve introduced a convenient way to have your debit or credit card digitally issued and ready to add to a digital wallet (such as Apple Pay® or Google Pay®). That means you no longer have to wait for your physical card to arrive to start using it.

To add your card to a digital wallet, follow these instructions. (Tip: You can also add consumer debit cards, consumer Visa credit cards, and HELOC cards to your digital wallet.) Visit our Mobile Wallets FAQs to learn more about digital payments.

SELCO app mobile wallet display

We hope you enjoy the latest digital banking enhancements as much as we do. Member feedback drives the thought process behind these upgrades, so please keep it coming!

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