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The Great RV Debate: Buy New or Renovate?

Not thrilled with your aging RV’s once-trendy wallpaper border, fussy window valances, or well-worn upholstery? Or perhaps you’d make better use of a mobile office than a bunkroom these days? Then it might be time for an upgrade—whether that means trading in for a shiny new RV model or going full DIY on the one you have. But which route to take?...
Buying a Vehicle

Keep Your Investments on Track While Weathering the Inflation Storm

There are many forces working against us right now. Inflation, gas prices, and stock market woes have made investing a big challenge. But it’s wise to stick to a long-term plan while being frugal in the moment to weather the storm.

Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits

How to Spot (and Stop) Mortgage Junk Mail

When you finalize the purchase of a home, your information becomes public record—and on comes the junk mail. The good news is there are ways to spot (and stop) mortgage junk mail.

Owning a Home Protecting Your Information

Introducing AutoSMART: Car Buying Made Easy

Find a vehicle and get preapproved for a SELCO loan in just a few clicks Buying a vehicle can be an arduous process, especially given today’s supply chain issues impacting inventories. One survey even showed that car buying was “ more stressful than getting married ” for many respondents. And while buyer satisfaction has improved over the years,...
Buying a Vehicle

Is It a Good Time to Take the Homebuying Plunge?

Home prices continue to climb at precipitous rates, fueled by competitive bidding wars and a demand that far exceeds supply. On top of that, mortgage interest rates are on the rise again as well. Does it even make sense to buy a home these days? As with any housing market, that depends on your situation, and the answers to these questions: Are y...
Planning Your Future Owning a Home

What to Buy and What to Skip in May

Warm up your wallets. Or maybe your smartphone, for super easy digital banking . The month of May brings summer into full view and is capped off with Memorial Day—a weekend retailers like to put their good deals into orbit. Despite inflation, high gas prices, and supply chain issues, there are smart buys for consumers this month. The best time t...
Forming Money Habits

7 Tips to Protect Yourself When Buying a Used Car Privately

When you buy a car, you expect certain things. Purchasing a car from an auto dealer means you will be at least somewhat protected if something happens with the car and can feel some peace of mind that the car’s title is clean. These buyer protections are due to certain regulations that protect consumers.  Unfortunately, not everyone plays by the...
Buying a Vehicle

Homeowners Can Put Equity to Work With a HELOC

As any savvy homeowner will tell you, protecting the investment in your home is a crucial part of ownership. After all, a home is likely the largest investment many of us will make. While upgrades, renovations, and additions often help maintain or even boost a home’s value, these undertakings can be costly.  Thankfully, with the Oregon real esta...
Planning Your Future

Is the Time Right to Refinance Your Commercial Loan?

As interest rates hovered below what once was considered the “glass floor,” first mortgages and commercial real estate loans, as well as refinances (even multiple refis ) followed in droves. Now that rates have crept back up, does it still make sense to refinance? That all depends on your situation. Let’s explore some reasons why it may or may n...
Planning Your Future

5 Things to Know About Commercial Loans

Thinking about a commercial loan? Here are five things you should know: 1. Commercial loans aren't one-size-fits-all And there are different types of loans depending on your goals. As a business owner or investor, you may have a variety of needs to take your business to the next level, so one type of loan may not cover the entire spectrum.  Ther...
Planning Your Future
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