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Education Articles

Whether you're simply financially curious or have a specific goal in mind, you've come to the right place. Check out the most recent articles just below or filter by category using the dropdown.

Education Articles


Plan a Meal

What does financial education have to do with cooking? Well, a lot, it turns out! With this activity, created especially for kids ages 8-12, you’ll satisfy your taste buds while also sharpening your financial skills. Get ready to unleash your creativity, make thoughtful decisions, and discover the power of smart money management.  

Youth Tips & Activities

The Great RV Debate: Buy New or Renovate?

Not thrilled with your aging RV’s once-trendy wallpaper border, fussy window valances, or well-worn upholstery? Or perhaps you’d make better use of a mobile office than a bunkroom these days? Then it might be time for an upgrade—whether that means trading in for a shiny new RV model or going full DIY on the one you have. But which route to take?...
Buying a Vehicle

Wants vs. Needs

It’s a good habit to consider whether an item is a “need” or “want” before putting down your hard-earned money. But first you need to learn the difference between the two!

Youth Tips & Activities

4 Activities with Coins

Learn all about coins with these four interactive activities , fostering knowledge of coin values, recognition, and creative exploration . These activities are perfect for children ages 3-7.    1. Money Tic-Tac-Toe   Draw a tic-tac-toe board and use coins as the markers! As you play, trade coins for each game, identifying their different values...
Youth Tips & Activities

Play Store

You know what it’s like to go shopping at the store, but here’s your chance to run a store of your own! You’ll need at least two people for this activity—one shopper and one store owner.  Collect the items you’d like to “sell” at your store! It can be anything from stuffed animals to paper towels.  What will you use for money? You can either use...
Youth Tips & Activities

Buckets of Money

If you want to manage your money like a pro, look no further than the Three Bucket Method. It sounds strange, but it’s an easy way to learn about money management, spending wisely, and helping others—and it works at any age.

Youth Tips & Activities

Keep Your Investments on Track While Weathering the Inflation Storm

There are many forces working against us right now. Inflation, gas prices, and stock market woes have made investing a big challenge. But it’s wise to stick to a long-term plan while being frugal in the moment to weather the storm.

Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits

How to Spot (and Stop) Mortgage Junk Mail

When you finalize the purchase of a home, your information becomes public record—and on comes the junk mail. The good news is there are ways to spot (and stop) mortgage junk mail.

Owning a Home Protecting Your Information

Introducing AutoSMART: Car Buying Made Easy

Find a vehicle and get preapproved for a SELCO loan in just a few clicks Buying a vehicle can be an arduous process, especially given today’s supply chain issues impacting inventories. One survey even showed that car buying was “ more stressful than getting married ” for many respondents. And while buyer satisfaction has improved over the years,...
Buying a Vehicle

What to Buy and What to Skip in May

Warm up your wallets. Or maybe your smartphone, for super easy digital banking . The month of May brings summer into full view and is capped off with Memorial Day—a weekend retailers like to put their good deals into orbit. Despite inflation, high gas prices, and supply chain issues, there are smart buys for consumers this month. The best time t...
Forming Money Habits