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Education Articles


Boost Your Savings with Two New High-Yield Savings Accounts

Way-above-market rates for Cultivate and Vault are helping savers of all ages get on the right track Looking to build an emergency fund or give your child a financial head start? SELCO recently introduced two new tools for jumpstarting savings. Our new Cultivate and revamped Vault youth savings accounts deliver exceptional annual percentage yiel...
Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits

3 Ways to Build a Rainy-Day Fund

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Save for a rainy day.” But what do they really mean by “rainy day”? Not to be confused with an emergency fund , a rainy-day fund is designed to cover smaller, unexpected expenses (think: car repairs, replacing an appliance, vet bills, etc.) without affecting your monthly budget.  The actual saving part can be a...
Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits

What to Buy and What to Skip in July

Summer is in full swing, as are the bargains in July. This month has a lot to offer, from all things red, white, and blue to clothing for the rest of summer and back-to-school items. Here’s what to buy and what to skip in July.  What to Buy Patriotic items. Not only do major retailers hold sales on July 4, but you can also find bargains galore o...
Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits

What to Buy and What to Skip in June

This may come as a surprise, but June is a great time to pick up a few essentials for the warmer months. Swimwear, Father’s Day outings, and fresh produce are among the seasonal items you can snap up at a nice price this month. Here’s what to buy and what to skip in June. What to Buy Swimwear. Get ready to hit the beach or pool in style. Believe...
Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits

Common Savings Terms (and What They Really Mean)

When finding the best fit for your savings goals, it helps to know the lingo. You likely know what a savings account is, but how it—and other savings options—works can be confusing. That also goes for common financial terms we often see but aren’t often explained (or explained clearly). So, let’s take a look at a few savings-related terms—both...
Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits

Realistic (Financial) New Year’s Resolutions

On the search for doable, practical resolutions that could be a major boon to your financial journey? This is the perfect time to add some resolutions to help you save, be informed, and plan ahead.

Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits Protecting Your Information

6 Family-Proof (Financial) Holiday Conversation Starters

Money can be a touchy topic any time of year. But during the holidays, when the whole family has gathered and spending is higher than usual, conversations about finances can become downright polarizing. There has to be a way to keep the Grinches and Scrooges at bay, right? If personal finance talk rears its head at your holiday gathering, try...
Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits

6 Savvy Ways to Save at the Pump

As far as conversation topics go, the price of gas has become more popular than the weather. In June 2022, US gas prices reached a record high, soaring to an average of $5.02 per gallon. At one point, a gas station in Mendocino, California, was charging $9.60! Since then, prices have settled down, but they have started to tick back up in 2023....
Forming Money Habits

What’s a Credit Score? And How Can You Improve Yours?

Thinking about applying for a loan? You’ll want to pay close attention to your credit score. But what is a credit score? And why does it matter? In short, your credit score demonstrates to lenders how likely you are to pay back a loan. The higher the score, the better you look to a lender, which often means better rates and terms on a loan. Read...
Mastering Credit Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits

Keep Your Investments on Track While Weathering the Inflation Storm

There are many forces working against us right now. Inflation, gas prices, and stock market woes have made investing a big challenge. But it’s wise to stick to a long-term plan while being frugal in the moment to weather the storm.

Planning Your Future Forming Money Habits