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Education Articles


Introducing AutoSMART: Car Buying Made Easy

Find a vehicle and get preapproved for a SELCO loan in just a few clicks Buying a vehicle can be an arduous process, especially given today’s supply chain issues impacting inventories. One survey even showed that car buying was “ more stressful than getting married ” for many respondents. And while buyer satisfaction has improved over the years,...
Buying a Vehicle

7 Tips to Protect Yourself When Buying a Used Car Privately

When you buy a car, you expect certain things. Purchasing a car from an auto dealer means you will be at least somewhat protected if something happens with the car and can feel some peace of mind that the car’s title is clean. These buyer protections are due to certain regulations that protect consumers.  Unfortunately, not everyone plays by the...
Buying a Vehicle

Before You Sign Your Auto Loan

Congrats on deciding to buy or trade up! This could be the start of some exciting changes—more mobility, mobility in more style, perhaps the convenience and comforts of technology from the current century. But one change that’s likely is the additional financial responsibility.   “Just like modern cars, financing can be very complex,” says Jerry...
Buying a Vehicle Planning Your Future

Recreational Vehicles Made for Winter Adventure Seekers

The long-range winter forecast for the Pacific Northwest calls for mostly mild, dry conditions. But that doesn't mean there won't be any outdoor adventures to be had. You may just need to head inland a bit to find the snow. Perhaps memories are still fresh of your younger self cutting through snowdrifts in a snowmobile or ATV. Or the thrill neve...
Buying a Vehicle

Telematics: Rewarding Safe Drivers Through Technology

You like to take risks when investing. Your partner would rather play it safe. So where do you go from here? Until  “usage-based” coverage  came along, auto insurance underwriters would traditionally use statistics to determine risk based on how you and other motorists with similar characteristics are  likely  to drive. With usage-based coverage...
Buying a Vehicle Understanding Insurance

Is It Time To Refinance Your Auto Loan?

Not just for mortgages, refis can mean big savings over the life of your car loan When you hear the word “refinance,” what usually comes to mind? A mortgage loan, right? And in the current landscape, there’s  no better time to restructure  your home loan. But did you know you can also refinance a vehicle loan? Often, when you finance a vehicle,...
Buying a Vehicle Knowing Your Payment Options

Your Personal Boat Buying Guide

Ah, the freedom of the open water. Feel the breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean or one of the Pacific Northwest’s many lakes and rivers as you put the throttle down or point the sails leeward. Or maybe it’s just you, your fishing pole, and the early morning serenity of your favorite watering hole. Boats come in  many shapes and sizes —sailboats ...
Buying a Vehicle Planning Your Future

Carvana: An Online Car-Buying Nirvana?

“Honey, your car is here!” No, it’s not your Uber or Lyft pulling up. It’s the car you purchased online a week ago. There’s a relatively new Amazon-esque auto seller in town, and its name is  Carvana —akin to the mega-online retailer because it’s fast and everything is done on the internet. With a quick stop at the Carvana website, you can order...
Buying a Vehicle

Your Personal RV Buying Guide

Are you craving the open road? Recreational vehicles, which come in many shapes and sizes, are a popular choice to hit the road. Depending on your tastes and budget, the options range from practical yet stylish to truly luxury-class accommodations. But buying an RV is a big decision—if your largest assets are the house and car, this purchase lan...
Buying a Vehicle
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