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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Fast and local decision-making to help you start (or expand) your business.

Ready to make the move from leasing your business' location to owning it yourself? SELCO's commercial loan officers can help simplify and streamline the commercial real estate process. We're happy to answer your questions about:

  • Financing (or refinancing) commercial real estate.
  • Choosing between conventional and small-business administration (SBA) loans.
  • Loans for investment properties (apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, and more).

Whether you're launching a new business or renovating your current one, the first step toward your big move is a conversation. We'll make sure you find the best loan for your growing business' needs.

Eric Linda is a SELCO commercial loan officer with over 35 years of experience

Eric Lind
Over 35 years of experience

Specialist Spotlight

When it comes to lending, Eric Lind's philosophy has never wavered: "The approach is the same: Provide excellent service, help educate the borrower, and provide the best loan options so that the real estate investor or business has the best opportunity to be successful," Lind says.

A commercial loan officer with over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry, Lind joined SELCO's Commercial & Business Banking team in 2010. Employing similar strategies at banks and now SELCO, he has helped countless business owners and investors secure commercial real estate loans, as well as construction loans.

So how does SELCO stand out?

"Our due diligence as well as analysis of the borrower and the property is basically the same as a commercial bank," he says. "However, we are kinder, gentler, and quicker. We have our niches and stick to them. We can offer approvals and commitments much, much quicker than the banks."

'We are kinder, gentler, and quicker.'

Ready to learn more or get started? Contact Eric at 541-744-7546 or [email protected].