Wire Transfers

Send a domestic wire graphic

Send a US Domestic Wire

What you’ll need to wire money anywhere in the United States.

Send an escrow wire graphic

Send an Escrow Wire

All you need to know to send a wire transfer from your SELCO account to an escrow account.

Send an international wire graphic

Send an International Wire

The steps for sending a wire outside the United States.

Receive a wire graphic

Receive a Wire

Follow these steps to receive a wire transfer in your SELCO account.

Currency conversion for international wires graphic

Currency Conversion

How to correctly convert currency to ensure a smooth international wire transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

A wire transfer is a secure method of electronic funds transferred from one person or entity to another, either domestically or internationally.

Wires are guaranteed funds upon deposit, so it is difficult to reclaim funds once they have been sent. For this reason, scammers often request payment through a wire transfer since they are usually irreversible, so it’s important to know who the funds are being sent to and why.

You can initiate a wire transfer quickly, and the recipient typically has access to the funds upon deposit. Wire transfers also allow you to safely transfer money all around the world.

Start a wire transfer by visiting any branch, calling us at 800-445-4483, or submitting a request via secure messaging in online banking.

Outgoing wire transfer requests received Monday–Friday before 2:00pm PST will generally be processed the same day. International US dollar wires requested after 2:00pm PST will be processed the next business day. Foreign exchange wires require more time to process due to exchange rates. All wires may be subject to a callback and may not be sent until we are able to verify the transaction with you over the phone.

SELCO does not receive a notification when a wire transfer has been received by the beneficiary account holder. Typically, domestic wires can take up to two business days to be received and foreign wires may take up to 14 calendar days.

Every wire transfer initiated from a SELCO account will list an availability date by which the funds should be received. If that date has passed and the beneficiary has not received the funds, please reach out to SELCO so that we can do further research.

Please call us at 800-445-4483, send us a secure message through online banking, or visit a branch so we can send a correction