Sending an Escrow Wire

Forms of identification

Sender’s Information

  • Your name.
  • Your physical address. (Please note that we cannot use PO boxes.)
  • Your telephone number. (Include a number at which you can be reached to verify instructions, as processing may be delayed if we are unable to verify the request.)
  • SELCO member number.
  • SELCO share ID to debit.
  • Outgoing wire transfer amount in US dollars.

Beneficiary’s or Receiver’s Information 

  • Routing number of receiving bank. If you are unsure of the routing number, contact the receiving bank to get the appropriate incoming wiring instructions.
  • Name of bank receiving the wire transfer.
  • Name of the escrow company.
  • Bank or loan account number for the escrow company.
  • Physical address of the escrow company (Please note that we cannot use PO boxes.)
  • Comments or special instructions to transmit with the outgoing wire, if applicable. These often include: “to the attention of” instructions, escrow number, buyer names, and property address.

Here is a downloadable and printable form to use as a guide for when you fill out and sign your Wire Transfer Request.

*Please contact your escrow officer/company directly to obtain instructions on sending a wire.

Clock showing 2 o'clock

General Information

  • A wire needs to be signed and submitted by 2:00pm to be sent out the same day.
  • An escrow wire may take up to two business days to be received by the other financial institution.
  • Please see the Current Rate & Fee Schedule for any applicable fees.