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Receiving a Wire

Required Information

To receive a wire transfer in your SELCO account, you’ll need the following information:

  • SELCO’s ABA/Routing number: 323274445
  • SELCO’s information in the “Wire To” address, also referred to as the “Beneficiary Financial Institution” line:

SELCO Community Credit Union 
PO Box 7487 
Springfield, OR 97475 
Phone: 800-445-4483 

  • In the “Beneficiary” field, include the following:
    • Your full 14-digit account number.
    • The name of the account holder.
    • The address listed for the account.

  • Any other relevant information can be included in the “Reference” field.

Please note that SELCO does not offer a SWIFT Code or BIC (Bank Identifier Code) for international wires.

Clock reading 4:30

General Information

  • Incoming wires will be posted by 4:30 PST on the day that they are received.
  • Incoming wires can only be posted to checking accounts and savings accounts (including Money Market, 50 Plus and Investor Savings accounts.)
  • Incoming wires cannot be posted directly to loans, IRAs, HSAs, or certificates of deposit.