Earn more. Guaranteed.

Certificates, similar to certificates of deposit (or CDs), are a secure way to make your money grow at a fixed rate over a set period of time. Terms range from six months to as long as seven years. Not only are rates guaranteed for the certificate term, if we raise rates within 30 days of opening a certificate with us, we’ll increase your rate to match—that’s our rate guarantee. See exactly how much you can earn with our certificate calculator.

Today's Top Rates

TermDividend RateAPY
1 year0.25%0.25%
18 months0.30%0.30%
3 year0.40%0.40%
5 year0.70%0.70%
7 year0.95%0.95%
  • If our rates increase within 30 days of opening your certificate, we'll bump up your rate to match.
  • $500 minimum opening balance to get started.
  • Under 18? Open a college savings certificate with a $100 minimum opening balance.
  • Earnings are guaranteed (no matter how the market fares), but early withdrawal penalties may apply.
  • Quarterly dividends paid directly to your choice of savings account, checking account, or the certificate's balance.
  • IRA certificates also available. (See rates.)

How to get started

Already a member and signed up for online banking? Log in and open your certificate with just a few clicks:

  1. Select Apply/Open at the top of the page.
  2. Click Open New Share.
  3. Check New Certificate Account and hit Submit.
  4. Choose your preferred term from the drop-down menu and follow the remaining steps to begin.

You can also stop by any branch and we'd be happy to help set you up.

*Annual percentage yields (APYs) are subject to change. See rate sheet [link] for current rates. $500 minimum balance required. Annual deposits not allowed and early withdrawal penalties may apply.