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Certificate Rewards

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Earn rewards for saving with SELCO

If your household has a 9-month average daily savings balance of $25,000 or more with us, you’re eligible. Keep the savings going with any standard certificate and we’ll give it a boost! 

  • Average balances of $25,000-$99,999 earn an extra 0.25% (Tier 1). 
  • Average balances of $100,000+ earn an extra 0.50% (Tier 2). 
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Which accounts are included in the average daily savings balance?

When calculating your household’s average daily savings balance, we include all the following accounts: 

  • Membership Share, Simple Savings, Cultivate Savings, and Vault Savings 
  • Certificates
  • IRAs, premium IRAs, and HSAs 
  • Money market and Investor Plus 
  • Real estate escrow 

Only checking accounts and balances held through SELCO Investment & Retirement Services are excluded. 

How it works

  • When you open or renew a standard certificate*, we’ll calculate your household’s average daily savings balance over the last 9 months (270 days, to be exact). Your household includes all relatives sharing your address.
  • If that 9-month household average balance is $25,000 - $99,999, the Tier 1 reward dividend will automatically be added to your new certificate. If it’s $100,000 or more, the Tier 2 reward dividend will be added. Reward dividends are automatically applied at the end of the business day. It’s that simple! 
  • When an existing certificate nears maturity, we’ll send a maturity notice to let you know what’s set to happen with your funds and whether you’re on track to qualify for a reward. Then you can either let the funds mature as scheduled or contact us to make a change. Either way, we’ll automatically apply the reward dividend whenever you qualify. 

*The reward applies to all new standard certificates; IRA, college savings, and special offer certificates are not eligible.