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SELCO Card Manager

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SELCO Card Manager is a free app that puts you in complete control of your debit and credit cards.

Use it to manage spending and secure your cards from potential fraud right from your smartphone.


Security and Convenience at Your Fingertips

  • Turn your cards off and on.
  • Limit where your cards can be used by transaction or merchant type.
  • Make your cards active only where you are, based on your device's GPS.
  • Control spending by setting dollar limits.
  • Set up instant alerts that let you know each time your cards are used.

How can SELCO Card Manager help you?

Leave your card behind? Immediately turn your card off so it's protected from misuse. When it's back in your wallet, you can turn it on in an instant.

Occasional online shopper? Enable e-commerce only when you need it. When e-commerce is turned off, your card can't be used with online merchants.

Going on vacation? Turn on location controls to ensure that your card works only where you are.

Mobile device never far? You can set a spending radius using your phone or tablet's GPS to pinpoint your location. As long as your card is near your device, your purchase transactions will process normally. If someone tries to use your card number somewhere else, it won't work.

Have a high school or college student? Set their cards to work only with certain merchant types (for example, grocery stores and gas stations) while disabling others (restaurants, entertainment, travel).

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