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Loose Change Stack-Up

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A fun, educational game for your kids

The Loose Change Stack-Up is an easy and fun activity to teach your kids how to count change as well as the value of earning money. Teaching kids at an early age how to count and earn money will help set them up for success later in life by building a financial foundation of knowledge. This activity is great for kids ages 3 to 7.

Materials Needed

  • Loose change
  • Pen and paper
  • Calculator
  • A large, flat surface
Pile of coins

Game overview

The goal of the game is to stack change as high as you can. (If you don’t have change, try poker chips.) Set a pile of change in the center of a table and instruct players that the goal is to stack coins as high as they can before they topple over. Challenge each other to create the highest stack before it tumbles—and make sure your stacks are far enough apart that the coins don't get mixed up!

For a second round (or best two out of three), set a time limit—for example, one or two minutes—and have players race each other to see who can stack the most change before the timer runs out.

Once the stacks either fall over or the timer goes off, count the value of the stack—this will teach your kids how to differentiate between each type of coin.

To supplement the instructions in this article, put this printable guide in your back pocket or watch this video:

Extending the lesson

After tallying each stack, come up with chores to teach the value of earning money—and earning the money they just counted! For example, cleaning up their toys might earn them a quarter, and feeding the dog dinner might earn them a dime. You can even have some fun with it and create a chore chart poster. (Your kids can even help create it.)

For more financial education activities and lessons, visit SELCO’s Financial Education Blog.

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