What Does It Mean to Be a SELCO Member?

Choosing a Financial Partner Planning Your Future

Everyone deserves to Live a Good Life—and could use someone who’s looking out for them along the way.

Whatever “a good life” means to you, we’re committed to helping you get there. SELCO is a place where everyone belongs and where you have a true advocate and partner ready to you help you set and reach your financial goals. Simply put, it’s a place where membership matters.

You have a financial advocate

We’re passionate about helping you achieve your financial goals, no matter where you are today or where you were in the past. In SELCO, you have an ally to help you envision your future and make thoughtful, informed financial decisions to get there.

You can bank on your schedule

Your day-to-day is hectic enough without worrying about when you’ll do your banking, which is why we’ve made sure that no matter where you are, we’re there, too. With our free app, you can check your balance, deposit checks, transfer funds, and pay your bills from any device, 24/7. Or access your cash on the go with our CO-OP network of 30,000+ free ATMs nationwide. Want to discuss your account but can’t make it into a branch? Make a video appointment in seconds to fit your schedule.

You get better rates and fewer fees

At any credit union, your money goes further than it would at a bank: You can count on better rates and fewer fees. Your SELCO membership goes well beyond that, with products and services to fit your unique needs and lifestyle, so managing your finances is convenient, simple, and secure. You’ll get personalized service on everything from youth accounts to business loans. Bottom line: Our commitment isn’t to stockholders—it’s to you.

You help strengthen our community

By choosing SELCO, you become our partner in building stronger communities. Your membership allows us to invest in impactful community programs and causes that matter to you—like support grants for local teachers and services to help local business thrive. And that’s the kind of support that benefits everyone. If you see one of us out volunteering (look for the blue shirts), make sure to say, “Hi.”

SELCO is a place where everyone belongs. It’s a place where membership matters.

You will always belong here

In fact, you’re the reason we exist. From the moment you reach out, you are welcomed, recognized, and valued as an individual, not a credit score. We meet you wherever you are in life and support you throughout your financial journey. And we’re not going anywhere. Throughout our 85-year history—from the throes of the Great Depression to today—we’ve served our members without interruption. Helping you through financial ups and downs is our very reason for existing. You can count on that to continue.

Want to learn more? We’d love to hear from you. Give us a callstart a chat, or schedule a video or in-person meeting for whenever works for you. And, of course, you can always drop by one of our locations if you’re in the area. We can’t wait to see how we can help.

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