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Introducing SELCO Contactless Cards

Knowing Your Payment Options

All newly issued SELCO credit and debit cards are now contactless, giving you the ability to simply tap to pay.

If your SELCO Visa® card has the Contactless Indicator on it, here’s all you need to know to confidently tap to pay:

  • Look
    Find the Contactless Symbol at checkout.
  • Tap
    Simply tap your Visa contactless card on contactless-enabled terminal.
  • Go
    Your payment is processed in seconds!

Contactless cards are a fast, easy, and secure way to check out. Here are a few highlights:

✔ Pay in seconds wherever you see the Contactless Symbol—faster than fumbling with cash.

✔ No need to insert your card or swipe it. A simple tap on the contactless-enabled terminal is all it takes.

✔ Contactless cards use the same trusted security as chip cards. Each transaction is protected by a dynamic encryption that protects your payment information.

Want to know more? Here are some frequently asked questions about contactless cards:

How do I know if I can tap to pay with my card?
Look for the Contactless Indicator on your card to know if you can use it to tap to pay for purchases.

What types of retailers accept contactless payments?
Retail stores, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, coffee, shops, pharmacies, and taxis are a few examples of retailers that accept this form of payment.

Can I still use my contactless card in a mobile wallet like Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay?
Yes, absolutely. Your new contactless card is still compatible with mobile wallets.

Do I have to enter my PIN when using my contactless card?
Some merchants may require a PIN depending on the type of transaction.

Do I actually have to tap my contactless card on the contactless-enabled terminal?
No. However, the card should be close (within 1–2 inches) to the Contactless Symbol on the contactless-enabled terminal.

How do I hold my contactless card to the contactless-enabled terminal?
The terminal reads the card best when it is flat over the Contactless Symbol, versus at an angle. The payment terminal will beep when the payment is successfully read from your card.

How long do I need to hold my contactless card to the contactless-enabled terminal?
You should hold your contactless card to the contactless-enabled terminal for 1–2 seconds.

Can I unknowingly make a purchase if I am in close proximity to a contactless-enabled terminal?
No. Contactless technology requires the merchant to first initiate the payment, and the contactless card must be held in close proximity (1–2 inches) to the terminal for a transaction to take place.

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