6 Apps To Help Kick-Start the School Year

Planning Your Future

There are many apps available to help get your children's year off to a great start.

Schoolwork organization apps

With the help of organizational apps, your life might just be a little easier if everything is orderly.

  • myHomework (iOS, Android). It’s not always easy to keep up with assignments, projects, and scheduled tests from different classes. With color-coded classes to keep things organized and automatic reminders before due dates, the myHomework app is easy to use and kid-friendly. The free version includes assignment tracking, due date reminders, syncing between classes, and homework widgets. The paid version, at just $4.99 a year, offers an ad-free upgrade with file attachment support, enhanced app widgets, external calendar access, a homework import feature, and more. You can access myHomework on any computer or iOS or Android device.
  • Cozi Family Organizer (iOS, Android). Between school schedules, meet-the-teacher nights, after-school activities, and more, parents have a lot to keep track of at the start of a new school year. The free Cozi app helps keep the entire family organized with a synced schedule and color-coded calendar that streamlines across multiple devices. Save grocery lists and recipes on Cozi and keep a running to-do list to stay on top of all your errands and chores. Cozi is accessible from any computer or iOS or Android device.
  • Bear Focus Timer (iOS, Android). If you have a little one at home who has trouble focusing on tasks, the Bear Focus Timer app may be exactly what you need. The no-frills Pomodoro-style timer is created to help the smallest of minds stay focused on their homework, chores, or other activities with the help of simple schedules and white noise. You won’t find a lot of bells and whistles on this $1.99 app, but the timer allows the user to customize focus times and break times for ultimate productivity.

Financial literacy apps

In addition to organizing homework assignments and school schedules, it’s also helpful to start teaching children financial education basics. These apps provide fun games and trackers for kids to use and learn about topics like saving money and budgeting. And when they’re ready, be sure to check out SELCO’s youth accounts, which incentivize healthy money habits.

  • Savings Spree (iOS). This $5.99 app is a fun game show-style app that encourages kids ages 7 and up to learn money-saving skills. The game shows how to save, spend, donate, or invest money—and walks kids through those lifestyle choices.
  • RoosterMoney (iOS, Android). This virtual allowance and chore manager can make your life easier while teaching your kids healthy financial habits. Allowances can be added and tracked, and kids can decide to spend, save, or give their money. You can help your kids set savings goals and even create chore checklists within the app, which is free with optional add-ons.
  • Peter Pig’s Money Counter (iOS, Android). Teach your kids the foundation of money by starting with identifying and counting coins. This free app, which can be played on any computer or iOS or Android device, has three difficulty levels and is great for kids ages 5-8.

Back-to-school season can be frenzied even in the best of times as families adjust to new routines and schedules. Let these apps help you keep organized so the entire family can ace the start of the new school year.

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