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Round-Up Savings: How it Works

For each posted point-of-sale purchase with your SELCO debit card, we round the purchase price up to the next whole dollar. At the end of each day we combine the rounded-up amounts, less any adjustments, and transfer the total to your designated savings account as a single transaction.  

If any point-of-sale transaction reversals are posted that day, they will affect the day’s round-up transfer. Each posted reversal will be rounded up to the next whole dollar, and the round-ups from the day’s reversals combined into a single total. The reversal round-up total will then be subtracted from the day’s round-up savings total to determine the round-up transfer amount. If adjustments result in a negative round-up savings total for the day, the round-up transfer won’t take place.  

If a round-up savings transfer exceeds your Link account’s available balance, we will only transfer the amount available and will not take your account negative. (Your available balance is the amount of money in your account that’s available for use. It’s your actual balance less holds placed on deposits, holds on transactions that have been authorized, and any other holds such as those related to pledges of account funds, minimum balance requirements, or court orders.) 

View our complete Round-Up Savings Terms and Conditions document.