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Ask an Agent with Greg Olsen

  1. When did you join SELCO Insurance Services, and what does your role entail?

    Greg: I joined SELCO Insurance Services in 2022 as a Medicare Specialist. I had been providing Medicare services for several years when the opportunity to work with a quality organization like SELCO came up, I jumped at the chance to help their members.

  2. You were a wealth advisor in a previous life. Can you describe your experience in that field?

    Greg: I was an advisor in the insurance and financial services industry for over 15 years. I specialized in educating my clients about the benefits of creating lifetime income to alleviate the biggest worry in retirement—outliving your nest egg. Working with that clientele naturally led to helping them decide which Medicare plan is right for them.

  3. You’re a Medicare recipient yourself and have described this insurance as the “Medicare Maze.” Did your experience navigating this maze lead to your decision to become a Medicare Specialist?

    Greg: I began selling Medicare before I turned 65 so when it was time to decide which direction to go, I felt confident in my decision. However, most people don’t spend their days looking into all the nuances that make Medicare so confusing. I get a real sense of satisfaction meeting with a client, finding out about what they are looking for in a plan, and then guiding them down a path that they can understand. My clients might walk in a little confused about Medicare, but they walk out feeling confident that they understand what they chose and how it will work. Medicare can be very confusing. I have referred to the process as the “Medicare Maze.” I believe I can help beneficiaries successfully navigate that maze.

  4. You also have kept busy lately by serving on the ski patrol. How long have you done this, and at which ski resorts? What motivates you to keep doing it?

    Greg: I have always been passionate about the outdoors. Whether that is snow skiing or fly fishing or archery hunting, just get me outside doing an activity! I taught skiing for 11 years at Willamette Pass and recently volunteered on the ski patrol. My greatest satisfaction is skiing and fishing with my kids and seeing how they share that passion with my grandchildren.

  5. Finally, tell us something that people may not know about you.

    Greg: Something people might not know is that I am a native Lane County Oregonian. I am the third of four generations born at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene—my grandfather, my father, me, and my two children.


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