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Andrew Sunia

Ask an Agent with Andrew Sunia

Navigating the insurance world can be a challenge.

The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. At SELCO Insurance Services, we look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience to make your way forward easier. In this edition, we talked to SELCO Insurance Specialist Andrew Sunia about his role, the importance of winterizing your vehicle and home, and how he “protects the dreams of his clients.”

  1. This quote by you is pretty telling—“I enjoy protecting the ‘dreams’ of my clients.” Can you expand on this a little?

    Andrew: People work hard to accumulate assets and in most cases don’t quite comprehend what’s needed to avoid a significant financial loss. I enjoy applying what I know of the situation and client to reduce this risk exposure.

  2. Your title is Personal Lines Specialist. Can you describe what all your role entails?

    Andrew: Our department focus is on personal lines (auto, home, and life insurance), commercial lines, and health. My role is primarily the sales and service of personal lines.

  3. You began your SELCO career in 2011 and already had several years of experience coming in. What was your role back then, and how did you get to this point?

    Andrew: My initial exposure to the insurance industry was in 1996. I had owned a captive agency, which sold only the products of one company. As the principal, I was involved in sales, service, and logistics of running the agency. An opportunity and a conversation with a friend within the SELCO organization piqued my interest.

  4. Winter will be here before we know it, and it’s never too early to start thinking about how to prepare. Beyond winterizing your vehicle with things like snow tires and emergency road supplies and covering outdoor spigots at home, what other tips do you have for people to feel protected during those brutal months?

    Andrew: While I believe some preparation is better than none, overall I think living and enjoying life is far more important. Catastrophic loss is why we buy insurance. Common vehicle maintenance while the temperature is comfortable beats doing these same tasks while it’s wet and/or cold. Walk around your property and identify any potential issues that may arise from ice or excessive moisture. If you have travel plans, make sure that you have contacts who will regularly visit your property. Also, let these contacts know how to reach your insurance agent in case a situation arises. A little action today will benefit you and your property.


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