You know what it’s like to go shopping at the store, but here’s your chance to run a store of your own! You’ll need at least two people for this activity—one shopper and one store owner.  Play store graphic

  1. Collect the items you’d like to “sell” at your store! It can be anything from stuffed animals to paper towels. 
  2. What will you use for money? You can either use real coins or create your own money by drawing on pieces of paper.  
  3. You also need to figure out a price for each item and how to share that price with your shopper. For example, you could add a sticky note to a stuffed animal listing the price as 25 cents.  
  4. Now that your store is set up, it’s time for your grand opening! Be ready to answer any questions the shopper may have about the items. When they’re ready to check out, add up the total cost and provide change if needed.  
  5. To complete the transaction, the owner should write the total on a piece of paper to create a “receipt.”  
  6. Trade roles and play again!  

Adults: For an extra twist (and extra learning) give your shopper a budget. This will force them to choose which items they really want and spend accordingly. Have the shopper talk through their thought process as they decide what to buy and what to leave behind. This activity is designed for children ages 3-7, but you can expand the conversation (and their skillset) based on each individual child.