4 Activities with Coins

Youth Tips & Activities

Learn all about coins with these four interactive activities, fostering knowledge of coin values, recognition, and creative exploration. These activities are perfect for children ages 3-7.  

1. Money Tic-Tac-Toe 

Draw a tic-tac-toe board and use coins as the markers! As you play, trade coins for each game, identifying their different values and names.  4 activities with coins graphic

2. “I Spy” Money Edition 

Compile 10-15 items, including some coins and/or bills. Other items can be small toys, buttons, bottlecaps—really, anything you have handy! Take turns describing a specific item until your teammate can guess which it is.   

3. Coin Flip  

It’s as easy as it sounds! Identify a coin (by name and how much it’s worth), then flip it in the air, noting if it lands on heads or tails. Take it a step further by creating a simple chart to tally the results and practice your data collection and graphing skills.   

4. Coin Rubbings 

Place different types of coins under a white piece of paper (the thinner the paper the better) and use a colored pencil or crayon to gently color over the covered coin until the design appears. Then identify the name of each coin and its value (write it next to the impression if you can).