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Date MailedForm Number and Description
01/311099-Int – This form reports dividends earned in excess of $10.00 (accounts that have earned less than $10.00 are not reported).
01/31 1099-R – This form reports any money withdrawn from an IRA account (distributions).
01/311098 – This form reports the interest paid on mortgage and home equity loans.
04/255498 – This form reports any money deposited into an IRA account (contributions).

If you would like to check these figures, you can do so on your statements or within your account in Online Banking.

On your year-end statement, there is a year-to-date (YTD) amount listed under each loan. In order to verify the number reported on one of these tax forms, simply add up all qualifying loan amounts. If you paid off a loan throughout the course of the year, you will find this information on the monthly statement of that particular month. Your sum will match the amount reported.

For those enrolled in Online Banking, click the “+” sign by the loan and select “get account details”. You’ll see the interest paid during the previous year reported here.

If you have any questions, call our Service Center toll-free at 800-445-4483.


Please note that SELCO Community Credit Union does not provide tax advisory services. Visit for assistance with tax-related questions.

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