2019 Grant Recipients

We are proud to provide 56 educators and 48 schools nearly $48,000 in supplemental funding for innovative class projects.

If you have any questions, please call 541-686-5382.

Armadillo Technical Institute (Phoenix)
LuzAngelica Marbain, “Food, Nutrition and Culinary Arts” — Program promotes healthy food preparation and eating, which in turn has a positive impact on themselves and the environment.

Bend Tech Academy at Marshall High School
Heather Johnson, “Veterinary Medicine Module” — Funding a module that gives students a professional, hands-on experience to spark their interest in health and medicine.

Big Muddy School (Antelope)
Kerick Adams, “Get Outdoors AND Come Back” — Provides students an opportunity to apply their academic skills through problem solving and collaboration while outdoors.

Candy Lane Elementary (Milwaukie)

  • Andres Classen, “Help Bridge a Language Gap for Bilingual Students” — Purchasing a Visual Spanish/English Children’s Dictionary to help bilingual students learn the English language.
  • Teresa Figgins, “Independence en Español” — Acquiring comfortable seating for students involved in the Reading Circles in Spanish program.

Child's Way Charter School (Dorena)
Mallory Glaser, “Farm-to-table school” — Helps establish a farm-to-table relationship with a local farmer. 

Clear Lake Elementary (Eugene)
Jennifer Reiss, “The Work of Play” — Materials to create a self-sustaining program of inclusive play.

Culver Elementary School (Culver)

  • Becky Brouillard, “5th Grade Day in the Revolutionary War Event” — Students will experience colonial history by being transported to the days of the American Revolution.
  • Keri Rahi, “Read Naturally Live” — Program that gives students specialized, interactive help in reading at their own level and rate of speed. 

Culver High School (Culver)

  • Kim Bezdek, “STEM Skills with Robotics” — The LEGO Mindstorm EV3 will give students the opportunity to learn the STEM skill of coding while using their design skills to create an effective robot.
  • Cynthia Lofts, “Constructing Balsa Wood Sheds” — Building model sheds using mathematical and problem-solving skills.

Culver Middle School (Culver)
Rhian Silbernagel, “Middle School Broadcasting Class” — Expanding a new broadcasting program with modern equipment.

Eagle Rock Elementary (Eagle Point)
Sharon Vosburg, “Multi-Sensory Education” — Giving at-risk readers a chance to develop a solid foundation in phonics to allow them to read fluently.

Eddyville Charter School (Eddyville)
Debby Rariden, “Track Kindness” — In an effort to promote kindness, this project will feature designed reminders throughout the school to be kind.

Elk Meadow Elementary (Bend)

  • Kathy Woodford, “It's in the Bag! Music Literacy Library” — Take-home kits that merge music and literacy, available to all students.
  • Heather Korman, “Proof in the picture” — With the purchase of digital cameras, young students can showcase their learning through photography.

Elmira Elementary (Elmira)

  • Elizabeth Skenzick, “Squiggle Art for Growth Mindset” — Creation of squiggle art book that will allow every student to become a published writer and illustrator.
  • Mari Jones, “High Interest/Low Readability Books” — High-interest/low-readability and vocabulary-leveled books for small reading groups. 

Forest Grove High School 

  • Jenny Marietta, “Reading Fluency at its finest!” — Subscription for “Reading Naturally,” a program that places children in separate reading groups based on their proficiency levels.
  • Eryn Van Horn, “Audible Books for At Risk Readers” — Audible books to help under-developed readers become more engaged in reading.
  • Heather Zehr, “For One More Day” — As part of their AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) journey, juniors and seniors will read two novels and share their experiences.

Gold Beach High School
Jake Bigelow, “The iOLab for Physical Science and Physics Classrooms Project” — New versatile lab equipment for use in all Physical Science and Physics classes.

Green Elementary (Green)
Olivia Pautot, “My new classroom” — Replenishing a classroom with necessary items like bookshelves, easels, cubbies, a rug, and a bench.

Hamilton Creek School and Lacomb School (Lebanon)
Julie Ragan, “Book Peddler” — A bike that will be used to pedal around school and supply students with books of their choice.

Helman Elementary (Ashland)
Summer Brendlinger, “Ukuleles for Unity” — Program that will teach third-grade students how to play the ukulele, thus creating a community of mindful, collaborative students.

Irving Elementary (Eugene)
Ivy Sawyer, “Rockets” — Helping fund a program for the conception, assembling, and launching of rockets.

Kennedy Elementary (Keizer)
David Cosand, “Exploring Coding and Robotics with Ozobots” — Placing coding and robots into the hands of third- and fourth-grade students.

Lacreole Middle School (Dallas)

Malynda Shook, “Stop Motion Animation STEAM Class” — Additional supplies and devices that will enhance an existing stop motion animation program.

La Pine High School (La Pine)
Cari Fike, “Cooking to Learn” — Project focuses on teaching students with moderate-to-severe disabilities basic cooking/kitchen skills.

Laurel Elementary (Junction City)
MaryJo Clark, “Mulitsensory Reading” — Tools to help make reading accessible to every student and help them master reading skills.

Leslie Middle School (Salem)

  • Tracie Wilkerson, “Snap Circuit Kits!” — Purchasing Snap Circuit Kits that include hundreds of ideas for science projects.
  • Esmeralda Medina, “Leslie's garden” — Creating a garden from scratch, from removing weeds and making pathways to raising beds and installing a drip system.

Linus Pauling Middle School (Corvallis)
Derek Michalski, “ElectroStatic Generator” — Kit that enables students to assemble and test a small battery-powered electrostatic generator.

LookingGlass Elementary (Roseburg)
Sheryl Nash, “Farm to School” — Learning proper care for chickens, from feeding them to managing budgets for selling the birds’ eggs and purchasing their food.

Millicoma Intermediate School (Coos Bay)
Erica Homann, “Fiber Arts” — Providing students access to a variety of fiber arts projects, such as knitting, felting, and crochet.

Mt. Vernon Elementary (Springfield)
Celina Ziolkowski, “Fun Frog Facts!” — Adding life-size, realistic models for students to demonstrate their knowledge of a frog’s life cycle.

North Eugene High School
Anthony Harlan, “Printed Custom Circuit Boards” — Purchasing circuits for use on a printed circuit board activity in the Intro to Computer Science class.

Ponderosa Elementary School (Bend)
Bill Ruiter, “Khan Math” — Accessing Khan Academy to find motivated students to achieve math skills exceeding current grade levels.  

Santiam Elementary And Santiam JSHS (Mill City)
Alisha Hansen, “Career Exploration Project” — Career Exploration Project helps students affected by trauma to explore broader career options. 

Shasta Middle School (Eugene)
Karlie Slagle, “Get Seeded!” — Schoolwide project during which students learn about greenhouse care, pest management, seed germination rates, and small-scale agriculture.

Silver Rail Elementary (Bend)
Charlotte Roe, “Loving Learning in a Longhouse” — Obtaining materials to build a replica longhouse once used by the Iroquois clan.  

Sisters Elementary School (Sisters)
Sara Miller, “Musical Instruments for Music Education” — Expanding music education by setting up a keyboard lab for all students.

Sky View Middle School (Bend)

  • Brian Seguin, “Book Club8th grade” — Enhancing eighth-grade book clubs with the purchase of new adult novels.
  • Jeannie Wenndorf, “Play with your math!” — “Play” tables to encourage students to see math as a creative, playful subject.

St. Thomas Academy (Redmond)
Lynn Fleenor, “Art and Language Arts Through Caldecott Award Books” — Purchasing picture books and supplies to help jump-start personalized art projects.

Summit High School (Bend)
Heather Bussmann, “Graphing Calculator” — All students will be given the opportunity to check out graphing calculators from the library.

Territorial Elementary (Junction City)
Pam Nelson, “Healthy Choices” — Purchasing active items such as jump ropes, Hacky sacks, Frisbees, foam footballs, and hula hoops.  

Timber Ridge School (Albany)
Eleanor Herro Brannon, “Timber Ridge Food Science: Food Preservation Curriculum” — Funding a curriculum that encourages students to explore food in a new way.

Triangle Lake Charter School (Blachly)
Brittany Bottensek, “HandsOn Equations” — Providing students a concrete, “hands-on” foundation for algebra.

Twality Middle School (Tigard)
Brandy Hill, “MATE Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle Competition Supplies” — Supplies for four remote-operated vehicles to be used for underwater robotics.

Veneta Elementary School
Kasey Cutsforth, “Young Readers Grow Their Phonemic Awareness” — Providing the curriculum for young readers to be able to manipulate sounds in words.

Vern Patrick Elementary (Redmond)
Bryan Bahns, “Inspiring Learners through Sphero” — Going beyond code by nurturing students’ creativity and ingenuity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

Waldorf School of Bend

  • Maureen Carolin, “The Art and Craft of Chemistry” — Funding for science equipment, clay, and glazes for a one-of-a-kind Raku project.
  • Laura Elmore, “Wooden Play Structures” — Third-grade class will build a playhouse and mud kitchen for the school’s playground.

West Albany High School

  • Jennifer Bornheimer, “Colored Paper for the WIN” — Color-coded paper for referencing health concepts and completing assignments and assessments.
  • Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elementary School (Eugene)
  • Maran Reyes, “Social-Emotional Learning through STEM” — Science/engineering/math materials to help students practice their social-emotional skills in a structured environment.