Reactivating Web Connect

Getting started

  1. Make a file data backup and a final transaction download. (Note: This is a critical step in the unlikely event of an error during the transition.)
  2. Deactivate your online banking connection.
  3. Reactivate your connection using Web Connect.
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Once you've reactivated Web Connect

Once you’ve reestablished your connection to SELCO Digital Banking, please carefully review the downloaded transactions to ensure nothing was duplicated or missed.

As a reminder, you’ll need to use your digital banking username instead of your member number when downloading transactions directly from Quicken or QuickBooks. 

Steps for Aggregator Users (Mint, Plaid, etc.)

For account security, we require multi-factor authentication for all aggregators. As attempts to log in to digital banking will fail without the member there to pass MFA, we strongly recommend members turn off auto updates within their aggregator’s site or software. If the aggregator tries and fails to log in multiple times, digital banking access may be temporarily locked.

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