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Confidence you’ll be covered

Being declined for a transaction can be uncomfortable for a number of reasons, especially if you use your cards for day-to-day purchases. While the occasional declined transaction may come as an unfortunate surprise, it doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared.

With Courtesy Pay,* you have the convenience of being covered when you need a transaction to go through. If your available balance is not enough to cover a transaction, SELCO authorizes and pays for it anyway—up to $500.

Courtesy Pay automatically comes with your checking account, covering overdrafts from checks and other transactions made with your checking account, as well as recurring payments with your SELCO debit card. However, to be covered for one-time debit card transactions, including ATM withdrawals, you’ll need to opt in to Expanded Courtesy Pay.

Ready to opt in to Expanded Courtesy Pay?

To get started right away, log in to online banking and select Expanded Courtesy Pay from the Services dropdown. You can also stop by any SELCO branch or call us at 800-445-4483.

If you have questions or want to learn more, give us a call, check out our Courtesy Pay FAQ, or send us a secure message through online banking.

*Overdrafts are covered at SELCO’s discretion for checks, ACH transactions, and recurring payments made with your SELCO Visa® debit card. If you qualify and opt in to Expanded Courtesy Pay, SELCO may also cover overdrafts for ATM and one-time debit card transactions. SELCO typically does not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, if you are not making regular deposits, or if you have too many overdrafts. A Courtesy Pay fee of $25 is charged for each approved overdraft. See the Courtesy Pay Overview for additional details.