Early Deposit Access

Woman checking her SELCO bank account and noticing she got paid two days earlier with early deposit access.

It’s payday—only sooner.

Early deposit access means no waiting, and more freedom in managing your money.

  • Funds are typically available up to two days early.
  • Applies to all ACH direct deposits, including payroll and government payments.
  • Available on all SELCO checking and savings accounts.

How Early Deposit Access Works

As soon as you see your deposit in digital banking, you have access to your funds—no waiting required.

Access timing depends on your employer, government agency, or the payer of the direct deposit. Not all deposits will be available early.

It’s also important to know that early deposit access works like a provisional credit to your account. If SELCO doesn’t receive payment from the payer, we may be required to reverse the credit, and you may be responsible for repayment of funds used and resulting fees. 

*Early Deposit Access is dependent on the timing of the payor’s ACH instructions. Early access ACH deposits are provisional credits and may be reversed if final payment is not received.