Digital Days: This August, use online or mobile banking for a chance to win $100.

How it works

Throughout August, we're giving away $6,000 to SELCO members just for using online and mobile banking. Every Friday, from August 7⁠–28, we’ll draw 15 winners to receive a $100 direct deposit to their SELCO share account.

To be automatically entered into that week’s drawing, do any of the following:

Already using online and mobile banking? You're all set! Just make at least one transaction each week, and you’ll be included in all four drawings.

Haven’t gone digital yet? The first step is to enroll in online banking. It’s easy—here’s how. For banking on the go, use our free mobile app:



Why go digital?

Your day is busy enough without worrying about when you’ll do your banking. With online banking and our free mobile app, you can make routine transactions anytime, wherever you are. Our digital options are secure, easy to use, and will save you time (not to mention a trip to the branch).  

Recent Winners

The fourth round of $100 winners in the Digital Days Challenge is complete. Here's the full list of winners to date:

  • Scott S.
  • Hugh H.
  • Erika D.
  • Mikelle P.
  • Jessica W.
  • Joanna N.
  • Ethan A.
  • Nancy S.
  • Michael B.
  • Emily R.
  • Justin C.
  • Trevor B.
  • Emma B.
  • Keana K.
  • McKenley K.
  • Michael O.
  • Anthony R.
  • John R.
  • Joe S.
  • Belynda M.
  • Donald T.
  • Aricha S.
  • Mary C.
  • Britnae T.
  • Richard M.
  • Sharynne G.
  • Ryan K.
  • Amelia H.
  • Myles P.
  • Ruby L.
  • Laura C.
  • Jerrie J.
  • Robin S.
  • Chris N.
  • Paul A.
  • Dianna L.
  • Susan S.
  • Penny H.
  • Francis M.
  • Kara H.
  • Rachael S.
  • Jennifer C.
  • Javier C.
  • Margaret S.
  • Jennifer L.
  • Cherie A.
  • Andrew P.
  • Vikramjit G.
  • Megan B.
  • Peter D.
  • Jacob A.
  • Jason M.
  • John K.
  • Christopher T.
  • Kyler P.
  • Brent Y.
  • Dawn K.
  • Michelle R.
  • Brandy A.
  • Michael W.

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