Certificates of Deposit

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How Our Certificates Work

Get locked into a dividend rate unless rates increase within 30 days of opening your certificate. Then, we’ll bump up your rate to match. 

  • $500 minimum opening balance. 
  • Quarterly dividends paid directly to your certificate’s balance (or savings or checking account by request).
  • College savings certificates for youths under 18. 
  • IRA certificates also available. 
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Ready to Get Started?

Open an account online or stop by any branch, and we'll take care of you. 

Certificates of Deposit Rates Accurate as of, Monday, September 26, 2022

Certificate Rate and Fee Schedule
Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield Minimum Balance
6 Months Dividend Rate0.85 % APY0.85 % Minimum Opening Balance$500
18 Months Dividend Rate0.95 % APY0.95 % Minimum Opening Balance$500

Maintenance and activity fees may apply could reduce earnings.


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