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Ask an Agent: Alicia Williams

Alicia Williams

Alicia Williams

Personal Lines Specialist
SELCO Insurance Services

[email protected]

October 1, 2016


Navigating the insurance world can be a challenge.

The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone. At SELCO Insurance Services, we look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience to make your way forward easier. This issue, we ask SELCO Bilingual Insurance Specialist Alicia Williams about working with the Hispanic community in Eugene/Springfield, the advantages of purchasing insurance through an agent, and her advice for those overwhelmed by the insurance process.

What is your role at SELCO?

Alicia: As a Bilingual Insurance Specialist, I serve as an independent insurance agent. I focus mainly on personal lines, which include auto, home, renters, boat, RV, flood, umbrella, and life insurance products. I’ve been with SELCO Insurance Services for nearly ten years.

Tell us more about working as a bilingual specialist.

Alicia: I’m of Latin heritage, and I grew up speaking Spanish with my grandparents. I went to a bilingual elementary school and took as many Spanish classes as I could from middle school on. But nothing compares to full immersion learning. That’s why, right before joining SELCO, I took a job in Northern Spain for a year, living with a local family and getting certified in Spanish as a second language.

We have a huge Hispanic community in Eugene and Springfield, so I feel very privileged to offer services and discuss important topics in their native language. I’ve also been involved with the Eugene Chamber Latino Business Network, including the amazing opportunity to serve as Chair.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or review your policy.

Are there certain topics that frequently come up when helping people get around a language barrier?

Alicia: Insurance can be very intimidating, so my first job is making my clients feel comfortable. It’s my goal to explain a policy clearly and completely: How it covers you and your family, the potential risks, and the importance of protecting your assets. I’m often told by my clients that no one has ever explained insurance to them like I have. I feel really good about that!

What are the advantages of purchasing insurance through an agent rather than directly from the provider?

Alicia: As a local agent, we want to learn what needs are most important to you. We offer policies from eight different companies, so you have plenty of options, and we’re happy to review each one to make sure you find the right type of coverage, provider, and price. I have many long-time customers (some for almost 10 years!) and I’m honored to be their agent and to have earned their trust.

What advice do you have for those who feel overwhelmed by insurance?

Alicia: Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask your agent to review your policy once every few years. You should also understand the risks when selecting low coverage just to get the cheapest plan. You might be surprised at how inexpensive it is to get a significantly higher limit!

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