Set Spending Targets with Money Manager

Did you know the average person spends more than $1,000 on holiday shopping?

That doesn't even include travel, entertainment, and all the other unexpected stuff the holidays entail.

If you want to stay on top of your spending, before it turns into a blizzard of bills in January, give Money Manager a try. This free budgeting tool, available to all members through online banking, makes it easy to set spending targets, monitor spending, set alerts, and more.

When you set up a budget, Money Manager automatically organizes recent purchases based on select tags and lets you know when you're spending too heavily. For example, tags like "Fast food" and "Coffee" can be added to a monthly spending target for all "Dining out" purchases.

To get started, log in to online banking and follow these steps:

How to Add a Spending Target to Your Budget

  1. Select Money Manager from the top navigation bar. (Agree to the Terms and Conditions if it's your first time using the tool.
  2. Select Budget from the navigation bar.
  3. Preview of Money Manager interface 
  4. Indicate the tags or categories you would like to track (e.g., "Fast food," "Restaurant," "Coffee," or "Lunch").
  5. Name your spending target (e.g., "Dining out")
  6. Set your monthly limit. Money Manager will show your average spending for that category so you can use that as a benchmark for your new goal.
  7. Click the Add Spending Target button to finish setup.

With a little planning, this holiday season could be your best ever!

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